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Biography of Scott McKenzie (1944-VVVV)

American vocalist born on October 1, 1944 in Jacksonville (Florida). He has gone down in history as co-author and performer of a true generational anthem, "San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)". His real name is Philip Blondheim.

He began his musical career in a group of acoustic folk called The Journeymen, where he met John Phillips, later member of The Mamas And The Papas. After this stage in The Journeymen, McKenzie made some recordings with little impact, but in 1967 his luck changed, as he returned to coincide with John Phillips and together they wrote what would become a generational anthem, "San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)". This single appeared in 1967, the "summer of love", and quickly rose to the top five on the U.S. charts and was number one in the United Kingdom and the lists of half the world. He sold the unimaginable figure of seven million copies, a record.

However, as it is the case in some instances, McKenzie could not reissue its success with successive discs. In 1967 was released the album The Voice Of Scott McKenzie, and in 1970 Stained Glass Morning, ended his short-lived recording career. After this stage only took place in his career two most notable facts, their inclusion at a meeting of The Mamas And The Papas in 1980 and his co-authorship of "Kokomo" theme, a success for The Beach Boys.

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