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Biography of Philippe Quinault (1635-1688)

French dramatist, born in Paris in 1635 and died in 1688. Modest social origin, his father, Baker, placed him as a servant of the poet Tristan l´Hermite, who stunned by the skills of Quinault was responsible for their education. In 1660 married the widow of a wealthy merchant, allowing him to buy the office of valet of the King and then that of auditor on the Court of Auditors. He was a member of the Académie Française from 1670. The two spent last years of his life retired from public life due to a moral crisis.

Clustered around Thomas Corneille, inspired this some of its parts. Began with the comedy Les rival (rivals, 1653). He wrote "Italian" works, such as L´amant indiscrets (indiscreet lover, 1654), which continues to Barbieri; tragedies, which include Fedra, La mort de Cyrus (1656), Le feint Alcibiade (the false Alcibiades, 1658), Agrippa (Agrippa, 1662), Astrate, the King of Tyr (1664); and indubitably Les coups d´amour et de fortune (sets of love and Fortune).

From 1672, worked in collaboration with the musician Jean Baptiste Lully , for which he wrote numerous libretti, including: Cadmus et Hermione (Cadmus and Hermione, 1673), Alceste ou le triomphe d´Alcide (Alceste or the triumph of Alcides, 1681), Le triomphe de l´amour (the triumph of love, 1681), Phaeton (1683) and Amadis de Gaule (1684), Armide (Armida1686).

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