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Abassa o Abbassa


Sister of Harun the Raschid, married by her brother in the year 810 Djafar the Barmecid, on the condition that they not consumarían marriage. Love made two husbands to forget the order had been received, and had a son who was secretly sent to Mecca. When the Caliph knew it, he/she had removed the l...

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Andrés Abate


Neapolitan painter of natural history who was born at the end of the 17TH century and died in 1732. He/She was employed by the King of Spain, and left some estimated works....

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Abati Antonio


Italian poet, born in Gubbio in the early years of the 17TH century and died in Sinigaglia in 1667. He/She was in the service of the Archduke Leopoldo de Austria, and traveled through the Netherlands and France. When he/she returned to Italy, he/she was successively Governor of several cities of ecc...

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Bocca del Abati

(s. XIII)

Famous Florentine noble thanks to Dante. This poet, in Canto XXXII of L'Inferno, places Abati Bocca among traitors to their homeland for having contributed to the loss of the battle of Montaperti, won the 4 September 1260 by the Ghibbelin....

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Joaquín Abati y Díaz


Writer and lawyer from Madrid, author of more than 120 comic works and librettos for operettas, alone or in collaboration with Carlos Arniches and Enrique García Álvarez, Antonio step, Gregorio Martínez Sierra. His work is notable for the simplicity of the plot and colourful detail. His most impo...

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Bernardo Abatia


Doctor and French astrologer, born in Tolosa in 1530, and died in Paris around 1590. According to the Croix de Maine, Abatia went to Paris to teach medicine, mathematics and astrology. He/She published a Pronostication sur le mariage de Henri, King of Navarre, that of Marguerite de France, are marry...

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Pedro Abaunza


Writer and researcher Spanish, natural of Seville. He/She is the author of a comment Marcial never given to the printing press and another on the decrees joined the Thesaurus Novus Juris Civilis et Canonici Meerman between 1751 and 1754....

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José Pereira Abayam

(s. XVIII)

Priest and Spanish historian who lived in the middle of the 18th century. A chronicle of King Pedro I, remains of it called the Judicator....

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Raja of Bosnia, born in 1617. Irritated against Mustafa, rebelled under the pretext of avenging the death of the sultan Osman and gave a knife to a large number of janissaries. The multi and the Commander of the janissaries took advantage of this rebellion, deposing Mustafa and placed Amirates IV on...

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Chief of the archipelago of the Pelew Islands, at the end of the 18th century. It is differentiated by the hospitality that dispensed the shipwrecked English vessel antelope, commanded by Captain Wilson, in 1783. Abba Thulle sent one of his son to England, to acquire useful knowledge, but that young...

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Fray Agustín Íñigo Abbad y Lasierra


Spanish religious, born in Estadilla (Huesca) 19 April 1745 and died 13 October 1813 in Ribarroja (Valencia).LifeSon of Francisco Abbad and María Teresa Lasierra, historian younger brother Manuel Abbad y Lasierra, studied philosophy at the University of Zaragoza, became Benedictine in the monastery...

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Fray Manuel Abbad y Lasierra


Spanish religious, born in Estadilla (Huesca) in 1729 and brother of fray Iñigo. He/She studied at Calatayud and Huesca, taking his degree in Canon law. He/She entered the Benedictine order at the monastery of San Juan de la Peña. By Real on June 1, 1771 cell authorized you to examine the archives...

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Claudio Abbado


Italian Orchestra conductor born in Milan on June 26, 1933 and died in Bologna on January 20, 2014.After discovering his musical vocation at the age of eight, he/she joined the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of his native city, where he/she followed studies in piano, composition and conducting. After c...

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Nicola Abbagnano


Italian Existentialist philosopher. He/She studied in Naples, as a disciple of A. Aliotta. After teaching for three years, he/she taught history of philosophy in the University of Turin. Was one of the first who faced Italy in the themes of Existentialism, contributing thus to overcome the dominance...

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Uncle and disciple of Muhammad, born in Mecca by the years of 566 and died in 652. It is celebrated in Muslim history by his private virtues, for the support that provided his nephew Mohammed, and glory find his descendants the illustrious dynasty of the Abbasids. At the age of fourteen years, he/sh...

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Abbas El Fassi

(1940 -VVVV)

Moroccan politician, born in Berkane, Morocco, on September 18, 1940. Prime Minister of Morocco since September 17, 2007.He studied primary and secondary in Kenitra and Tangier. Later, he/she studied law at Mohamed V University in Rabat, which came to preside over the General Union of students in Mo...

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Farhat Abbas


Pharmacist and Algerian politician born on August 24, 1894 in Taher, near Constantine, and died on December 24, 1985 in Algiers. He/She was one of the top leaders of the nationalist movement in his country, and played an outstanding role in the prolonged struggle that held Algeria to independence fr...

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Abbas Hilmi II


Last Egyptian khedive born in Alexandria on July 14, 1874 and died in Geneva in 1944. It was khedive of Egypt between 1892 and 1914. For the most part his Government was a mere puppet, subjected to the direct control of the British authorities. His full name was Abbas Hilmi Pasha.He was son of Mehem...

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Sha de Persia Abbas I


Fifth sovereign of Persia belonging to the dynasty Safawi, called the great, born January 27, 1571 and died January 19, 1629. Son of Shah Mohamed Khodabendeh.In 1576, when Abbas was only seven years old, the ThamaspShah, died. Thamasp was a sovereign victorious but cruel; fearful, it did lock up you...

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King of Persia Abbas II


Sovereign of Persia, born in 1629 and died in 1666. He/She succeeded his father Sefy I, at the age of 13 in 1642. His reign, which lasted 24 years, was peaceful. That monarch loved arts and pleasures, painted quite well and was also an excellent Turner, and calligrapher, but surrendered to drunkenne...

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King of Persia Abbas III


King of Persia born in 1732 and died in March 1736. He/She was the son of the also King Tahmasp II; It was proclaimed monarch by the Nadir Kuli Turkmen general when just he/she had a few months of age, after the forced abdication of his father having lost several Northwest Territories before the Tur...

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Mahmud Abbás

(1935 -VVVV)

Lawyer and Palestinian politician, born on March 26, 1935 in Safed, Galilee. He/She was President (rais) of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).In 1948, in the midst of the Arab-Israeli conflict which led to the creation of the State of Israel, the family of Abbas moved to Syria. There he/she s...

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Crown Prince to the throne of Persia, son of Feth-Ali, born in 1783 and died in 1833. Despite being the third child, his father declared him successor, as his mother, a Princess of the Royal tribe of the Kadjars, and their rights were guaranteed by Russia, in 1814. Commanded the armies of his father...

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Per Abbat

(ca. s. XII-ca. s. XIII)

Scribe that could live the final years of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th. His name appears on the explicit or closure of the manuscript of the Cantar de Mio Cid, so it does correspond to this scribe who copied the model part of the preserved Codex; that primitive copy would have exec...

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Balde-Angelo de Abbate

(s. XVI)

Italian, natural doctor of Gubbio, who lived at the end of the 16th century. Practiced his profession, first in his hometown and then in Pesaro, where he/she received the title of first doctor of the Duke of Urbino. Some of his works are preserved....

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