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King of Persia Abbas III


King of Persia born in 1732 and died in March 1736. He was the son of the also King Tahmasp II; It was proclaimed monarch by the Nadir Kuli Turkmen general when just he had a few months of age, after the forced abdication of his father having lost several Northwest Territories before the Turks. Give...

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Mahmud Abbás

(1935 -VVVV)

Lawyer and Palestinian politician, born on March 26, 1935 in Safed, Galilee. He was President (rais) of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).In 1948, in the midst of the Arab-Israeli conflict which led to the creation of the State of Israel, the family of Abbas moved to Syria. There he studied a...

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Crown Prince to the throne of Persia, son of Feth-Ali, born in 1783 and died in 1833. Despite being the third child, his father declared him successor, as his mother, a Princess of the Royal tribe of the Kadjars, and their rights were guaranteed by Russia, in 1814. Commanded the armies of his father...

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Per Abbat

(ca. s. XII-ca. s. XIII)

Scribe that could live the final years of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th. His name appears on the explicit or closure of the manuscript of the Cantar de Mio Cid, so it does correspond to this scribe who copied the model part of the preserved Codex; that primitive copy would have exec...

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Balde-Angelo de Abbate

(s. XVI)

Italian, natural doctor of Gubbio, who lived at the end of the 16th century. Practiced his profession, first in his hometown and then in Pesaro, where he received the title of first doctor of the Duke of Urbino. Some of his works are preserved....

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Niccolo dell Abbate


Italian painter, born in Modena in 1512 and died in Paris in 1571. It is known for its frescoes, executed in the Palace of Fontainebleau on the drawings of Primaticcio. All his works, with the exception of pictures depicting the history of Alejandro Magno, were destroyed in 1738 by indication of the...

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Antonio María Abbatini


Music of Italian composer, born about 1605 and died in 1675. He was music director of the Church of San Juan de Letran in Rome. It has a large number of motets and other church music compositions, which appeared on from 1630 to 1670....

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Carlos Abbatucci


French General, born in 1771 and died in 1796. At the age of sixteen he left school military Metz as a Lieutenant of artillery. It began with the rank of Captain 1792 campaign, getting to the end of it the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and in 1794 he was appointed assistant general Pichegrú. His brill...

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Santiago Abbatucci


French General, father of Carlos Abbatucci, born in 1726 and died in 1812. He was one of the leaders of the insurrection of Corsica against Genoa; It also resisted the yoke of the France, so it was prosecuted and sentenced, but the France Court reversed the ruling, and Luis XVI confirmed him their d...

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(s. XII)

French theologian of the 12th century, contemporary of Berenguer and Abelardo. There is no news about his life. He is the author of a work entitled Tractatus de Fractione corporis Christi in Eucharistia....

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Shadi Abbdessalam


Film director born in Alexandria (Egypt) on March 9, 1930 and died in Cairo in 1986.LifeAfter studying architecture at the University of Oxford and the Institute of fine arts in Cairo, Abdessalam was oriented towards the art direction in the film industry. In addition to designing the costumes of th...

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Ernst Abbe


German physicist born on January 23, 1840 in Eisenach and died on January 14, 1905 in Jena, author of important advances in microscopy.He began studies of Physics in 1863 at the University of Jena, and at the end of his studies was associated with the German optical Carl Zeiss in 1866 as director of...

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James Abbe


American photographer born in Alfred in 1883 and died in Maine (California) in 1973.LifeAlthough he was educated in the public school of Newpost News (Virginia), his literary training was le family. His father owned a bookstore in which James worked from the age of fifteen (1898) until he was eighte...

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Guillermo Abbes

(s. XVII)

French theologian who lived in the first half of the 17TH century. It was the first Canon of San Sebastián in Narbonne, after the Church of St. Paul and pronounced the funeral oration of Rebbe Caludio, Archbishop of Narbonne....

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José Abbiati

(s. XVIII)

Italian engraver who lived in Milan at the beginning of the 18th century. There are recorded his very dear depicting battles especially....

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Carlos Abbolt


English jurist, born in a dark family in 1762 and died in 1832. During his studies of jurisprudence he contracted a friendship with Law, better known under the name of lord Ellenbrrough. In 1818 he was appointed lord Chief Justice in the Court of the Bank of the King, and in 1827, couple of the King...

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Theologian and French chronicler, born in Orleans in 945 and died in 1004. He studied all the Sciences of his time. In 970 he was elected Abbot of the monastery of Fleury, which was religious. He had feuds with some bishops to defend the rights of his order. The Robert King sent him twice to Rome, t...

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Abbon el Encorvado


Monk of St. Germain de los Prados, called by the Encorvado nickname (in latin Abbo cernnus), that he was born around the year 850 and died in 923. He made Latin verses that resist of the barbarity of his time, which tells the site that Paris was subjected by the Normans at the end of the 9th century...

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Antonio Abbondanti

(s. XVII)

Historian and Italian poet, also called Abundantius of Imola, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. With the title of Ercole Christian, public in 1630 a compliment in verse of the Juan conde de Tilly, one of the most celebrated General of the thirty years war. This very curious consult pan...

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Valerio Abbondio


Swiss writer, born at Ascona in 1891, and died in Minusio in 1958. Studied in Freiburg and Milan; He subsequently returned to Switzerland and was a professor at the Institute in the Ticino. He collaborated in Lugano magazine with articles in which, in accordance with the spirit of the magazine, it w...

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Berenice Abbot


American photographer, born in Springfield (1898) and died in Florida (1991).LifeBerenice began his professional career as a sculptor. He studied in New York and then traveled to Europe. For two years, followed his training between Paris and Berlin. He settled in the "city of light", where he began ...

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Charles Greeley Abbot


American astronomer, born at Wilton (New Hampshire) on May 31, 1872, and died in Riverdale (Maryland) on December 17, 1973, famous for his work on solar energy and the influence of this on terrestrial temperatures.He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, where he graduated in 1895, a...

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Francis Ellingwood Abbot


Philosopher and American thinker, whose most important works are: Religion and Science (1874), Scientific Theism (1885), The way out of Agnosticism, or the Philosophy of Free Religion (1890) and The syllogistic Philophy or Prolegomena to Science (2 vol., 1906). Abbot promoted a "realism" or "scienti...

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Mauricio Abbot


Director of the East India Company, died in 1640. In 1618 he took an active part in the conclusion of the Treaty with the Dutch, concerning trade in the Moluccan Islands. In 1628 he was contractor of customs, and the following year member of the Council for the establishment in Virginia. It was the ...

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Roberto Abbot


English theologian, born at Ghildford in 1560 and died in 1617. King James appointed him his chaplain and was satisfied the book of Abbot De Antichristo, which had reprinted it along with his own work the revelation. In 1609 he was elected principal of Baliol College, Oxford and in 1612, Professor i...

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