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Valí de Al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman ibn Abdallah


Wali of al - Andalus born date unknown, and died at the battle of Poitiers October 17, 733. His Government was developed in two periods, the first, which lasted barely a year in 721 and the second from the 730 until the date of his death.Very few data regarding his first Government, which took place...

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Gobernador de Toledo Abd al-Rahmán ibn Matiyo

(ss. X-XI)

Governor of Toledo, born and died in date unknown. Belonging to a prominent family of Toledo from the Caliphate period, Abd al - Rahmán ibn Matiyo was part from close to 1010 of an Assembly of notables from Toledo whose address was Abú Bakr Muhammad ibn Yais. Shortly after 1010 Yais he/she was exp...

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Gobernador de Murcia Abd al-Rahmán ibn Rasiq

(s. XI)

The Governor of Murcia who lived in the 11th century.Little-known character, the first news that makes it is the year 1078, where he/she appears as caïd of Velez Rubio and collaborated with Ibn ACWW, vizier of the Sevillian Regulus Abul Qasim Muhammad al - Mu'tamid, in the conquest of Murcia. Ibn T...

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Emir de al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman o Abderramán II


Fourth emir of Cordoba (822-852), son and successor of al-Hakam (796-822), born in Toledo in the year 792 and died in Córdoba on 19 August of the year 852. Like its successors, their stage of Government was dotted with great political and social instability because he/she had to war simultaneously ...

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Califa de al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman o Abderramán III


Eighth emir of the dynasty of Umayyad independent of Córdoba (912-929) and first Caliph of Córdoba (929-961), born on January 7, the year 891 in Cordoba and died on 15 October of the year 961 in the Palace of Medina Azahara (Córdoba), at the peak of his fame and power, at the age of seventy and f...

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Califa de al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman o Abderramán IV


Full name Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad ben Abd al - Malik, seventh Caliph of Córdoba in al - Andalus (1018), great-grandson of the great Caliph Abd al-Rahman III (912-961), born in Córdoba in undetermined date and died in Guadix in 1018. He/She was released by the Lords of Zaragoza and Almeria at th...

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Califa de al-Andalus Abd al-Rahman o Abderramán V


Tenth cordovan Caliph of al - Andalus (1023-1024), brother of Muhammad II Al - Mahdi (1009-1010), born in Córdoba in 1002 and died in the same city in 1024, executed by his successor Muhammad III (1023-1025). Great-grandson of the great Caliph Abd al-Rahman III (912-961), had the honour to restore ...

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Abd al-Wahid I

(ca. 1165-1224)

Almohad Caliph born about 1165 and died in 1224. His full name was Abd al - Wahid ibn Yusuf ibn Abd al - Mu ' min al - Majlu, belonging to the family of the Hafsid.Son of Yusuf I, who had governed between 1162 and 1184, and Maryam, a Princess of the Banu Hammad, did not occupy Abd al - Wahid charge ...

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Abd al-Wahid II al-Rasid


Almohad Caliph of Morocco and Al - Andalus born in 1218 and died December 5, 1242. During his ten years of reign, of which four were in minor, Morocco lived constant civil wars which emphasized the inevitable breakdown of the Almohad Empire. Al - Rasid and his counselors are thus the Affairs of Al -...

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Emir de al-Andalus Abd Allah


Seventh Umayyad emir of Al - Andalus (888-912), brother of al-Mundhir, born in Cordoba in the year 844 and died in the same city on 15 October of the year 912. His reign was dotted with continuous seditions and bloody wars between Arab nobility, the muladíes and the Berbers who ended up wearing the...

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Gobernador de Toledo Abd Allah ibn Matiyo

(ss. X-XI)

Governor of the taifa of Toledo, born and died in date unknown. It belonged to a prominent family in Toledo and towards 1016 began to govern the city as a successor of its relative Abd al-Rahmán ibn Matiyo. To 1018, the Toledo, tired of the abuse during periods of Government of the Banu Matiyo (pre...

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Abd El Hakk Ebn Ghalib


Theologian and Arabic poet who was born in the province of Granada in 1088 and died in Lorca in 1152. He/She wrote ten volumes of commentaries on the Quran, which felt much among the Arabs of the West. The eighth volume is preserved in manuscript in the library of el Escorial....

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Abd el-Kader


Muslim Emir, religious and military leader regarded as the founder of Algeria, born in Guetna, a town near Mascara (Algeria) September 6, 1808 and died in Damascus (Syria) on 26 May 1883; his full name was Abd al - Kader Ibn Muhiy Al-Deen IBn Mustafa Al - Hassani al - Jazairi. Faced in a long holy w...

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Abd El Kadir Ben Mohammed

(s. XVI)

Arab writer originally from Medina, and native of the city of Jezihez, on the banks of the Tigris. His work flourished in the 16th century. He/She wrote in Arabic a treatise of the coffee, that Silvestre de Sacy published a summary....

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Muslim, natural doctor Ghilon in Persia, died in 1165. He/She wrote the statutes of the sect of the Sufitas, with the title of Malfuzat and Kadiri....

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Abd el-Krim


Moroccan politician, leader of the independence movement against Franco-Spanish dominance over Morocco, founder and President of the ephemeral Republic of the Rif (1921-1926). Real name Abd el-Krim ibn Muhammad el-Jatabi, was born in the year 1882, Ajdir-IDA-Yusef, town in the region of the Tafersit...

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Abd El Melek-Ben-Meruan


Fifth Caliph of Damascus Ommiada. Succeeded his father, Meruan II, 685 year. He/She gave battle unto Abdalla-ben-Jobair, and took it over Iraq, but was beaten by second Justinian. He/She died in Damascus the year 705. Sure that it was the first that made Arab coin....

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Abd El Melek Ebn Halib Arsolami


Famous Arab writer, born in Córdoba in 801 and died in 854. The sect of the Malekitas introduced in Spain. Among his works are cited as follows: history of the conquest of Spain by the Arabs, history of the sultans of Córdoba, history of the Koreischitas and life of Mahoma....

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Al Asmai Abd El Melek Ebn Koseyb Albaheli


Arab scholar, born in Barah at 740 and died in Baghdad in 822. He/She lived at the Court of the famous Caliph Harun-el-Baschid, and composed more than thirty volumes about the customs of the Arabs, camels, herds, horses, tents. It is credited with the famous romance Antar, that is the best descripti...

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Abd El Melek Ebn Mohamed

(s. XII)

Arab historian, who lived in Seville in the second half of the 12th century. It cites a history of the establishment of the Almohades in Spain....

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Abu Mansur Ath Thalebi Abd El Melek Ebn Mohamed


Persian writer, born in Nissapur in 961 and died in 1037. The are a collection of proverbs and a biographical news excerpted from the most famous poets of East....

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Abd El Mottalib


Grandfather and guardian of Muhammad, born in 497 and died in 579. Its primitive name was Amer, but left without a father and in a State of extreme poverty, went to live in an uncle's House his so-called Mottalib, which said that it was his slave; Hence the name of Abd-el-Mottalib, which means slave...

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Abu Mohamed Abd El Mumen


First Caliph and second magnet of the sect and the Almohads dynasty, born in 1101 and died in 1163. He/She was the son of a Potter and was disciple and companion of the famous Mahdy-ben-Tumart, who happened at 1130 after helping him to found their empire, diputando to the Almoravids. When it was the...

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Abd El Wahab


Founder of the sect of Wahhabis, born in 1692 and died in 1787. He/She studied at Ispahan, and after crossing the khorasan (Jurasan) settled in Baghdad and Bassora, where he/she explained his doctrine. This was a cause of discord among the Princes and heads of Arab tribes, which resulted to bloody s...

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African Prince, born in Timbuktu in the middle of the last century. Responsible for the command of an expedition against the hebohs, was taken prisoner and sold as a slave. After some years of slavery in the United States, he/she was recognized by Dr. Cox, who gave hospitality in Africa in the past....

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