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Abu Mansur Ath Thalebi Abd El Melek Ebn Mohamed


Persian writer, born in Nissapur in 961 and died in 1037. The are a collection of proverbs and a biographical news excerpted from the most famous poets of East....

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Abd El Mottalib


Grandfather and guardian of Muhammad, born in 497 and died in 579. Its primitive name was Amer, but left without a father and in a State of extreme poverty, went to live in an uncle's House his so-called Mottalib, which said that it was his slave; Hence the name of Abd-el-Mottalib, which means slave...

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Abu Mohamed Abd El Mumen


First Caliph and second magnet of the sect and the Almohads dynasty, born in 1101 and died in 1163. He/She was the son of a Potter and was disciple and companion of the famous Mahdy-ben-Tumart, who happened at 1130 after helping him to found their empire, diputando to the Almoravids. When it was the...

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Abd El Wahab


Founder of the sect of Wahhabis, born in 1692 and died in 1787. He/She studied at Ispahan, and after crossing the khorasan (Jurasan) settled in Baghdad and Bassora, where he/she explained his doctrine. This was a cause of discord among the Princes and heads of Arab tribes, which resulted to bloody s...

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African Prince, born in Timbuktu in the middle of the last century. Responsible for the command of an expedition against the hebohs, was taken prisoner and sold as a slave. After some years of slavery in the United States, he/she was recognized by Dr. Cox, who gave hospitality in Africa in the past....

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Seventh emir or Arab Governor of Spain in the reign of the Caliph Yezid, died in 732. He/She used early in his administration to visit the provinces undoing to some cadis. It increased the army with recruitment and volunteers who brought Egypt and Africa, in order to invade in France. It punished fi...

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Modern Arab historian, born in Cairo in the middle of the 18th century, and died in Constantinople in 1820. At the time of the French expedition to Egypt, he/she enjoyed great reputation of wise, and during the administration of Kleber was part of the divan of Cairo. After the evacuation of the Fren...

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ibn-Al-Aschat Abd-Er-Rahman


Arab General, killed by the years of 702. He/She distinguished himself in the wars of Islam under the Caliphate of Moawiah I and Yezid. After rebelling against the Governor of Cufa who entrusted him with the command of an expedition, took refuge at the Court of the King of Kabul, who handed over his...

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Abd Melek I


Fifth Prince of the dynasty of the Samanids (which United in Persia and Transoxiana), who ascended the throne of khorasan (Jurasan) in 954. Their equity and talent of Government distinguished him among others of his house....

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Abd Melek II


Sultan of khorasan (Jurasan), new, last Prince of the dynasty of the Samanids, who succeeded his brother Mansur II the year 998. He/She was dethroned by Eylek-Khan, King of Turkestan, and locked up in a fortress....

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King of Jordania Abdalá II


King of Jordan, born in Amman on January 30, 1962. It is the first son of King Hussein, fruit of his second marriage with Antoinette Gardiner crisp, so it has passed much of his time studying in English and American schools.After graduating at the British Military Academy of Sandhurst, just like his...

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Abdalla Ebn Hidjari


Arab historian who was born in Spain in 1116 and died in 1195. He/She wrote a history of Spain of which fragments have been preserved....

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Fourth and last cherif of Wahhabis, executed in Constantinople in 1818. He/She succeeded his father Sehud in 1814, in the most difficult circumstances. Mehemet Ali, unsubscribe from Egypt, had commissioned exterminate Wahhabis and seize all of their beds. After defeat you an army, became owner of a ...

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Ahmed Abdallah


Politician President of his country in 1975 and again from 1978 to 1989, born on June 12, 1919 in Anjouan and died on November 26, 1989 in Moroni, Comoros. His full name is Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane.Origin devoted to the business (inherited a lucrative family business of export of vanilla), agreed t...

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King of la taifa de Mallorca. Abdallah al-Murtada

(ca. 1020-1093)

King of the taifa of Mallorca born about 1020 and died in Mallorca in 1093. It was the first sovereign independent of Baleares following the disappearance of the taifa of Denia, which had belonged to the Islands since the reign of Mujaahid.Son of al - Aglab, a liberto which Denia Mujaahid had appoin...

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Abdallah Ben Abdelmottalib


Father of Mahoma, born in Mecca toward the year 545 and died in 570. The only circumstance that makes him notable is to have been father of the Prophet. Also tells that it was about to be sacrificed by his father Abdelmottalib, because after many years without having more children than that, his com...

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Abdallah Ben Balkin

(s. XI)

Fourth and last ruler of Granada who succeeded his grandfather Badis in 1073, and died captive in Africa. He/She cultivated letters, wrote commentaries on the Quran, and embellished Granada. Its States fell in 1090 in power of the ambitious Yusuf Tachefyn, King of Morocco....

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Ruler of Mecca, born in Medina in the first year of the Hegira, and died in Mecca in the year 692 a.d. He/She was a companion of Muhammad, and one of the most eminent figures of the early days of Islam. He/She accompanied his father in the first expeditions of the Arabs against the Greeks, took part...

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Abul Walis Abdallah Ebn Mohamed


Arab historian who was born in Cordoba in 962 and died in 1013. He/She wrote a biographical dictionary of the renowned theologians and a history of the poets of Andalusia....

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Abdallah-Ebn-Taib Abul-Faradj


Doctor Christian, of Iraq, of the sect of the Nestorians, dead to the 1043. He/She wrote commentaries on Aristotle and Galen, and also many works in medicine and theology remain unpublished....

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Abdallah I


Uncle of Abul-Abbas - Al - Saffah, first of the Caliphs Abasidas. He/She died in the 755. He/She won a battle to the Caliph Meruan II and floored with this victory the dynasty of the Ommiadas. But it was dishonored by the atrocities he/she committed with the vanquished. After the death of Al - Saffa...

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King of la taifa de Zaragoza Abdallah Ibn al-Hakam

(s. XI)

Fourth and last King of the taifa of Zaragoza, belonging to the dynasty Tujibi, who lived in the 11th century and whose dates of birth and death are unknown.Son of al - Hakam Ibn Abd al-Rahman Al - Tujibi to was a descendant of the branch of Muhammad al - Awar, and grandson of Abd al - Rahman Ibn Mu...

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King of la taifa de Granada Abdallah ibn Buluggin

(ca. 1055-?)

King of the taifa of Granada, born about 1055 and died in Agmat (Morocco) on unknown date. During his reign he/she suffered harassment by Alfonso VI of Castile and was the first monarch of taifas who handed over his Kingdom to the Almoravids.Son of Buluggin ibn Badis and grandson of Badis ibn Habbus...

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King of la taifa de Carmona Abdallah Ibn Ishaq

(ca. 980-1024)

King of the taifa of Carmona born about 980 and died in 1024. The taifa of Carmona was the most important of the small Berber taifas surrounding Seville.Belonging to the Zanata tribe and the family of the birzalies, followers of the sect Nakiri, of the Ibadiya Jariyí, Abdallah was son of Ishaq al -...

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Movaffik Eddin Abd El Lathyf Abdallatif


Philosopher and Arab physician, who was born in Baghdad in 1162 and died in 1231. He/She studied sciences in his native city, and travelled to Arabia, Egypt, and Asia minor. Saladin appointed him Professor of the great mosque of Damascus, with an increased pension. He/She is known particularly for t...

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