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Abdallah I


Uncle of Abul-Abbas - Al - Saffah, first of the Caliphs Abasidas. He died in the 755. She won a battle to the Caliph Meruan II and floored with this victory the dynasty of the Ommiadas. But it was dishonored by the atrocities he committed with the vanquished. After the death of Al - Saffah, who had ...

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King of la taifa de Zaragoza Abdallah Ibn al-Hakam

(s. XI)

Fourth and last King of the taifa of Zaragoza, belonging to the dynasty Tujibi, who lived in the 11th century and whose dates of birth and death are unknown.Son of al - Hakam Ibn Abd al-Rahman Al - Tujibi to was a descendant of the branch of Muhammad al - Awar, and grandson of Abd al - Rahman Ibn Mu...

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King of la taifa de Granada Abdallah ibn Buluggin

(ca. 1055-?)

King of the taifa of Granada, born about 1055 and died in Agmat (Morocco) on unknown date. During his reign he suffered harassment by Alfonso VI of Castile and was the first monarch of taifas who handed over his Kingdom to the Almoravids.Son of Buluggin ibn Badis and grandson of Badis ibn Habbus, Ab...

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King of la taifa de Carmona Abdallah Ibn Ishaq

(ca. 980-1024)

King of the taifa of Carmona born about 980 and died in 1024. The taifa of Carmona was the most important of the small Berber taifas surrounding Seville.Belonging to the Zanata tribe and the family of the birzalies, followers of the sect Nakiri, of the Ibadiya Jariyí, Abdallah was son of Ishaq al -...

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Movaffik Eddin Abd El Lathyf Abdallatif


Philosopher and Arab physician, who was born in Baghdad in 1162 and died in 1231. He studied sciences in his native city, and travelled to Arabia, Egypt, and Asia minor. Saladin appointed him Professor of the great mosque of Damascus, with an increased pension. He is known particularly for the two w...

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Mohammed Addinawari Abdallh Ebn Moslem Ebn Koteybah


Arab historian, who was born in Baghdad in 828 and died in 890. A genealogical history of the Arabs is notable among his many works....

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King of Sidón Abdalonymos

(332-315 a.C.)

(Bd inm) Phoenician King of Sidon. This character, which is not known his political performance, due the sidonio throne to Alejandro Magno, who offered him after deposing Straton III (or II). It is credited with the so-called "sarcophagus of Alejandro", located in the necropolis of Sidon, master pie...

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(s. V)

Bishop and martyr of Susa, who lived at the beginning of the 5th century under the reign of Yerdedjerd, and the dynasty of the Sassanids. In his zeal for Christianity, burned a fire temple that worshipped the guebros and suffered martyrdom in the year 430 for refusing to build it. After this event t...

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King of Tiro Abdastratos

(ca. 919-910 a.C.)

(Shtrt or Abd-Ashtrt Bd) Phoenician King of tyre, son and successor of Baalazor I. He was killed during a Palace conspiracy headed by Methonastartos....

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Muley. Sultán de Marruecos Abdelaziz


Sultan of Morocco (1894-1908), of true name Abd al - Azwz ibn al - Hasan, born on February 18, 1878 in Marrakech (Morocco) and died on 9 June 1943 in Tangier (Morocco).Favorite son of Muley Hasan sultan and a slave of Circassian origin called Lalla Regia, in 1894 was appointed successor to the Moroc...

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Muhammad Ben Ahmed Abdelghani


Military and Algerian politician, Prime Minister of Algeria (1979-1984), born in Oran (Algeria), on March 18, the year 1927 and died in Algiers (Algeria), on 22 September in 1996. He was one of the main leaders in the struggle for the independence of Algeria against French domination.Member of a mod...

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Mohamed Ibn Abu-Bakerus o Abdelmelek Ibn-Thophilus


Physician, Grammarian, poet, philologist, jurist and Hispanic, natural Arabic historian of Guadix (Granada), known by the nickname Abu-Bakerus. He was Professor of the school of medicine at Granada. Died in Morocco in 1203. He wrote two poems: De simplicibus medicamentis; Of Expugnata city....

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(s. XII)

Ruler of the Arabic Spain from the year 1130 to the 1163. Disciple of Mahdi, was proclaimed to his death. He continued the war against the Almoravids and soon took over from Morocco, which was installed as sultan. Spanish Muslims, who had risen against the Almoravids, was called to his aid. Abencasi...

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(s. VII-VI a.C.)

Eunuch of the King Sedecías, King of Judah that the Prophet Jeremiah was freedom....

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King of Sidón Abdemón

(ca. 440 a.C.)

(Bd mn or Abdumon) Phoenician King of Sidon, son and successor of Baalshillem I and father of Baana (his future successor). His name appears in an inscription of Bostan Esh-Sheikh. It is credited with the coinage of a series of sidonias coins, as well as the famous "sarcophagus of the satrap", prese...

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King of Salamina Abdemón

(ca. 415 a.C.)

(Bd mn or Abdumon) King of Phoenician, origin tax in the city of Salamis (Cyprus) by the Persian King Darius II, who was a friend....

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Abderrahmán al Gafiqui

(s. VIII)

Seventh Arab emir of Spain. He was born in the mid-7th century and died in the year 732. His Government coincides in time with the reigns of Yezid and Hixem. During the first two years of his reign he visited the provinces of Spain and devoted himself to amend the abuses committed by his predecessor...

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Abderramán Ben Abdelaquen


Spanish, Muslim historian of Egyptian origin, killed in the 871. He is the author of a legend that justify the betrayal of count Julian, Governor of Ceuta, and its assistance to the Arab invasion of the peninsula in 711. She tells that being the Governor of Ceuta count Julian, Rodrigo came to power,...

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Kelmal Eddin Abderrezzak


Historian and Persian traveller, born in Herat in 1413 and died in 1471. He served as reader, magnet and Cadí in the Court of the sultan Schach-Rokh, son of Tamerlan. He composed an interesting history of the descendants of Timur....

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Belaid Abdesselam


Algerian politician, born in July of 1928 in Dehemcha, which was, among other officials, Prime Minister and Minister of economy.He studied at the University of Grenoble. After chairing the General Union of Algerian students, came then as an instructor at the school of the national front of liberatio...

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King of Amurru Abdi-Ashirta

(ca. 1400-1360 a.C.)

(Abdi-a-shi-go-ta or Abdi-ash-ra-ta) King of the País de Amurru, which, although nominally it was possession Egyptian - as it is clear from the letters of Tell - Amarna-, could govern completely independently. However, there was to cope on occasion to Mitanni, power that always wanted to control th...

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(Ab-di-khe-ba or go-khe-ba). Prince of Jerusalem, especially known for several letters located at Tell al - Amarna and showing the strong rivalry that exists between the small kingdoms of Palestine, controlled by Egypt, to deduct from the accusations that took place before Amenhotep III and Akhenate...

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King of Shashhimi Abdi-Milki

(ca. 1365 a.C.)

(Ab-di-mil-ki) King of Shashhimi (city to be located in the southern part of Damascus [Syria]) under the authority of Egypt during the Amarna. Of such character, the "Shashhimi man", is possessed a letter in which puts at the disposal of the Pharaoh his troops and his chariots. The text is also very...

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King of Sidón Abdi-Milkot

(681-676 a.C.)

(Bdmlkt) Phoenician King of Sidon, successor of Itthobaal I. After the assassination of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, Abdi-Milkot allied himself with Prince Kurdi and Sizzu (Cilicia), called Sanduarri, to try to shake off the Assyrian control of their city, but the new King Assarhaddon attacked sho...

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Abdias Ben Schalom

(s. VII)

Famous Rabbi of the seventh century of our era. He was one of the doctors that, as sure, came to Saudi to discuss the laws of Moses with Muhammad....

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