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King of Arabia Saudita Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud


King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud, was born on August 1, 1924 in Riyad. King ruler of Saudi Arabia and the Guardian of the two mosques, from August 1, 2005, after the death of his brother King Fahd.Abdullah was the only son who had Ki...

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Abdullah Gül


Turkish politician, born on October 29, 1950 in Kayseri. 11th President of the Republic of Turkey. Leader of the Islamist party of Justice and Development Party (AKP).Coming from a conservative and traditionalist family graduated in economics from Istanbul University, in 1971, and later expanded his...

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Abdullah ibn Abdul Kadir


Malaysian writer, born in Malacca, and son of a descendant family of Arabic and Tamil. He received the title of «munshi», i.e. «master», when he taught Malay language to Indian soldiers and, later, British and American missionaries. He was a great admirer of the founder of the city of Singapore,...

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Abdullah ibn Husayn


King of Jordan born in Makkah in 1882 and died in Jerusalem in 1951. Emir of Transjordan between 1921 and 1948, the same year to was be named King of Transjordania-Jordania, position in which he remained until 1951. When the British granted the throne of Transjordan, tried to create a national consc...

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King of la taifa de Arcos Abdun

(ca. 1005-1053)

King of the taifa of Arcos (Cadiz), born about 1005 and died in 1053.Abdun had Berber origin and belonged to the family of the Zanata Jizruníes. Son of Muhammad I Imad al-Dawla, who had declared independent in arches and surrounding areas at the beginning of the civil war, inherited the possessions...

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Bruno Erard Abegg


German jurist, born in Elbing in 1803 and died in Berlin in 1848. He was part of the provincial Council of Breslau, sent to the King of Prussia to make representations; then he was appointed member of the Parliament of Frankfurt and Vice-President of the Committee of fifty. Abbeg was a declared supp...

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Gaspar Abeille


Abate and poet born in Provence in 1648 and died in Paris in 1718 French. He was a member of the French Academy, and left written Odes on the value, Sciences, prudence, the Stoics; letters of friendship, hope and happiness; several tragedies, including Algeria, Corialano and Soliman; a comedy, the i...

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Luis Pablo Abeille


French economist, born in Toulouse in 1719 and died in 1807. He was inspector general of manufacturing in France, and Secretary general of the Council of Commerce. His works are: body of observations of the agriculture, Commerce and arts society, established by the States of Brittany and principles ...

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(personaje bíblico)

According to the Bible, son of Adam and Eve, Cain's twin brother. This was the farmer, while Abel was devoted to grazing. Both made offerings to the God creator of heaven and Earth: Cain the first fruits of its fruits, and Abel offered the young of your flock. God said that the sacrifice of Abel, wa...

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Carke Abel


English naturalist and surgeon. He accompanied lord Amherst in his Embassy to China the years 1815 and 1816, and public a relationship of your trip with many observations of natural history, such as the geology of the Cape of good hope, details of attractions on the outskirts of Batavia or St. Helen...

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Carlos Abel


Man State Bavarian who was born in 1788. He was Advisor of the Minister of the interior in 1827, Member of the Council of Regency of King Othon in 1834, Minister of the Interior in 1838, and later Ambassador in Turin and Deputy. You were distinguished by their anti-liberales and ultramontane views, ...

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Carlos Federico Abel


Composer and instrumentalist German who played the viola da gamba. Son of Christian Ferdinand Abel, violinist in Cöthen, where he worked also J. Sebastian Bach. He began studies with his father and, probably, also was a disciple of Leipzig and j. S. Bach. After joining several orchestras, including...

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Gaspar Abel


German preacher who was rector in Osterburgo and Halberstad. In addition to some theological dissertations and translation into German verse of the Heroides of Ovid and Boileau's satires, are of the following works: history Monarchiarum orbis antiqui; History of the States of Prussia and leak; Geogr...

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John Jacob Abel


Chemical and American pharmacologist, born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 19, 1857 and died in Baltimore (Maryland) on May 26, 1938; his research contributed to important advances in the field of Pharmacology.He was a student of medicine at the universities of Michigan and Johns Hopkins (Baltimore) and a...

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Niels Henrik Abel


Norwegian mathematician, born in 1802 on the small island of Finoe and died in 1829 in Arendal. Niels Henrik Abel.He was the son of a Protestant pastor. He studied in the University of Christiania (Oslo). In 1820 he published his first report devoted to the study of resolvable through radical equati...

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Abel. King of Dinamarca


King of Denmark, which happened at 1250, through a murder his brother Eric, who had previously fought. He could hide his crime, and noble six holsteineses declararonbajo oath that Abel was innocent of the death of his brother. Already owner of the throne, wished to maintain an extraordinary tax esta...

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Sir Frederick Augustus Abel


Chemical English inventor of the cordite, a type of explosive, born in London on July 17, 1827 and died in the same city on 6 September 1902.It was chemical of the English war Ministry, and studied and improved the manufacturing process of the cotton of gunpowder, initiated by the Austrian chemist V...

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Eduardo Abela


Cuban avant-garde painter, born in San Antonio de Baños (Havana) in 1889 and died in the Cuban capital in 1864. He began working in a tobacco company located in his hometown, but he left this job to receive a scholarship to study at the Academy of Art San Alejandro in Cuba, in which he graduated in...

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Juan Francisco Abela


Wise Maltese archaeologist. He was Vice Chancellor and Commander of the order of Malta. He traveled a lot in Europe and had correspondence with the leading scholars of his time. It is known for a very curious work, who wrote under the title of illustrated Malta or description of Malta with their ant...

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Augusto Abelaira


Narrator, journalist and Portuguese University Professor, born in Cantanhede in March 1926 and died in Lisbon on July 11, 2003. Dump from his youth to the study of the humanities, took advanced studies in history and philosophy, subjects that later constituted the object of their teaching activities...

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Peter Abelard


Better known as Pedro AbelardoFrench theologian and philosopher....

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Pedro Abelardo


Philosopher and French theologian, who was a disciple of Roscelino, Guillermo Champeaux and Anselmo of Laon. He became Master of logic and theology at cathedral schools of Paris. In 1119 or 1120 married in secret to his student Eloísa, which had borne a child. Aware of these loves the Canon Fulbert...

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San Abelardo


Also called Adelardo and Alardo, was grandson of Carlos Martel and nephew of King Pipino the brief. The year 773 changed his life as courtier by the monastic.His advice as Abbot of Corbie and his charity were well-received in the Carolingian Empire of Louis the pious. He died the year 827. His feast...

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Juan Felipe Abelin

(s. XVII)

French historian of the 17TH century. Compilation of contemporary history is known especially for his Theatrum Europeum....

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Juan Abell

(s. XVII)

Famous English singer of the seventeenth century, which toured Europe with his lute at the back. Is told that having refused to sing in Warsaw in front of the King of Poland, he was placed in an armchair and raised high in the middle of a large room, in which bears, putting you in the choice of sing...

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