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Fray Buenaventura Abad


Friar of the order of children, born in Cardona. He studied at the school of Marseille, where he to mathematics. He wrote Amusemens philosophiques sur diverses parties de sciences et principalemnet de phisique et de mathématiques, Amsterdam, 1768 in 8th. He died in Marseilles in 1766....

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Fray Matías Abad


Religious Spanish Franciscan, town of Cueto, province of Santander (Spain), whose date of birth is unknown. He died January 30, 1649 martyred on the shores of Urabá. Fray Matias was the founder of the missions of the Chocó, and is considered the "promartir" of the Franciscan province of Santa Fe o...

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Héctor Abad Gómez


Colombian physician specialist. He was born in Jerico municipality, Antioquia, and died in Medellín in 1987. He married Cecilia Faciolince who had six children. He studied high school at the General Santander school, of Sevilla, Valle. Identifies Héctor Abad Gómez in Colombia as the defender of h...

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Abul-Cacem-Mohamed Abad I


First Moorish King of Seville, founder of the dynasty of the Abaditas; He died in 1042. His father Ismael-ben - ABad was originally from Syria. It reached as the confidence of the King of Córdoba Al - Cacém - Al - Mamun, and got the job of great cadi Seville with the Government of the province. Wh...

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Abad II


Moorish King of Seville, son and successor Abbot I, born in 1012 and died in 1069. He was proclaimed King the year 1042, and passed through a Muslim unorthodox, because in twenty-five cities that formed their States, he founded no more than a mosque. He continued the war against the King of Carmona ...

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Abad III


Son of Abbot II, born in 1039 and died in 1095. He was proclaimed King of Seville in 1069 with the titles of Al - Motamed, Al - Jafer and Al - Mowaiad, a nickname that you have confused with other princes. Courageous and prudent, magnificent and ambitious like his father, was not cruel or bloody, an...

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Fray Manuel Abad Illana


Spanish religious, born January 1, 1716 in Valladolid. At the age of thirteen he took the habit of regular clerics of the Premonstratensian order candido. He studied philosophy in the convent of San Cristóbal of Ibeas and theology in the University of Salamanca, where he graduated as a doctor. I kn...

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Mercedes Abad


Spanish Narrator, born in Barcelona in 1961.He became known as a writer in the mid-1980s, when his collection of stories entitled light sabbatical debauchery (1986) won the VIII Premio de Narrativa erotic "La Sonrisa Vertical".Within coordinates issues imposed by gender, this opera prima of the Barc...

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Antonio Abad Ojuel


Journalist and Spanish essayist, born in Tudela (Navarra) and died in Madrid on June 26, 1989. Linking the world of bulls from a young age, he won prestige of bullfighting critic for journalistic contributions which, under the pseudonym of Don Antonio, published in the magazine El Ruedo. His Agile p...

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José Abad Santos


Lawyer and filipino politician, born in San Fernando (Pampanga, Luzon province) on February 19, 1886 and died in Malabang (Mindanao) on May 2, 1942, Secretary of Justice of the Commonwealth of the Philippines during the 1930s, whose tragic death during the Japanese occupation made him a national her...

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Pedro Abad Santos


Filipino revolutionary politician, born in San Fernando (Pampanga, Luzon province) in 1875 and died in Manila in 1944, founding Socialist Party, which joined the defense of the filipino peasantry independence aspiration and introduced the idea of the Marxist revolution as a way to solve social injus...

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Manuel Abad y Queypo


Spanish Bishop, born in Villapedre (Asturias) in 1751 and died in Santa María de la Sisla (Toledo) in 1825.LifeIt followed an ecclesiastical career, going on to Guatemala and in 1784 in Michoacan (Mexico), where he defended the rights of the Church and attacked the confiscation of Godoy in 1804. Ho...

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Ramón D' Abadal i Vinyals


Historian and Spanish politician, born in the town of Vich (Barcelona), on 1 October of the year 1888, and died in Barcelona, on January 17, the year 1970, after a bright and extensive professional experience. A member of an old family with a great presence and projection in the agricultural sector ...

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Francisco Javier Abadía Como

(ca. 1770-1830)

Spanish General, born in Valencia in to 1774 and died in 1830.He joined as a cadet in the Toledo infantry regiment September 5, 1785. According to sources spent three years in Ceuta, Melilla eight and took part in the war of 1793, which was taken prisoner (1794), until the signing of the peace. He w...

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Guillermo Abadía Morales


Colombian folklorist, born in the city of Santafé de Bogotá in 1912 and died in Bogotá, Colombia on January 21, 2010. Guillermo Abadía Morales was a prolific researcher of the Colombian folklore. He was a Professor of folklore at the Department of music of the National University, Coordinator an...

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Miguel Abadía y Méndez


Writer and Colombian politician, born in Piedras, Tolima on June 5, 1867, and died in La Unión, Cundinamarca on May 9, 1947. Abbey Méndez was the last President of the Republic during the conservative hegemony, between 1926 and 1930. It belonged to the so-called generation of "Presidents grammar",...

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Miguel Abaffi


Prince of Transylvania, who was born at the beginning of the 17TH century and died in Weisemburgo in 1690. He was appointed head of the armies of sultan Mohamed IV in 1661, by choice of Baja. During the truce agreed with Austria, he reigned peacefully under the protection of the door, and even acqui...

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(s. I)

Mother of the Emperor Maximino, successor of Alejandro Severo, alana of nation. Married to the Goth Mecca and in a village in Thrace gave birth to Emperor Maximino....

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Manchu leader, born in November of 1592 and died on 21 September of the year 1643, ruled the State jurchida-manchu from the year 1626, being the main architect of the fall of the Chinese of the Ming dynasty and the implementation in the manchu dynasty Qing (1644) imperial throne, which would govern ...

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Tomas Abaisi

(s. XV)

Modena sculptor who lived in the mid-15th century. In 1451 he made several statues of wood for the Cathedral of Ferrara....

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Avelino Abajo de la Fuente


Bullfighter Spanish, born August 24, 1945 in La Carrera (León). It is fogueó by the district squares until, in the 1967 season, it could debut in a chopped celebration. But the lack of opportunities to be found in Spain forced him to try his luck in American soil; and so, on 1 September 1974, in t...

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Magdalena Abakanovicz


Polish sculptor born in Falenty in 1930. Its multiple parts, which combine metals with textile techniques, presented one of the most personal ways of representation of the individual and the community in late 20th century sculpture.Born into a family belonging to the high Polish aristocracy, Magdale...

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(s. III a.C.)

Inhabitant of shooting, of humble condition, who lived in a garden. When Alejandro the great invaded the country, let your favorite Hephaestion as arbitrator to choose a King; This proposed Crown to his guest, who refused her for not being real, even though race a wealthy citizen, but said that ther...

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Carmen Abalos


Chilean writer, whose literary awards include the Oña Pedro, Gabriela Mistral, Vicente Huidobro and the international ICEA. He has written books of poems such as the graduates confidences (1947), Transfigured Night (1951), Quicksilver for mirror (1963), lower oratory (1964) and the hands free (1977...

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José Abalos

(s. XVIII)

Spanish colonial administrator, born in La Mancha in date unknown and died in date and place are also unknown, although it is known that he lived in the second half of the 18th century. He held the position of finance counter in Cuba and Venezuela, in this last region between 1771 and 1774, and then...

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