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Konrad Zuse


German engineer, born in the District of Wilmersdorf on June 22, 1910 and died in Huenfeld in 1995. He/She is considered the inventor of the first fully functional digital electronic computer, known as Z3 (1941). In addition, he/she was the first to develop a computer language and introduce the bina...

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Valerio Zurlini


Italian film director, born in Bologna (Italy) on March 19, 1926 and died in Verona (Italy) on October 27, 1982.LifeBelonging to a generation of filmmakers that emerged after the outbreak of neorealism, and among them Pier Paolo Pasolini or Michelangelo Antonioni, Valerio Zurlini stands soon as one ...

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Plácido Zurla


Venetian Cardinal, antiquarian, prefect of studies at the College of the Propaganda, superior general of the order of the Camaldolite, born in 1769 and died in 1834. He/She left the following works: the world map of Fra Mauro described and illustrated and from Marco Polo and other travel Venetians....

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King of Sumer A-Kalam-Dug

(ca. 2580 a.C.)

Sumerian King in the first dynasty of Ur, not picked up on the real list. It was probably the son and successor of Month-Kalam-Dug. A-Kalam-Dug is not know relevant details; just a cilindro-sello in which is recorded the name of his wife Ashusikildingir has come to us....

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El Nabad Moatemed-El-Melek Sey d'A'Lawy-Khan A'lawy


Persian physician, born in Chiraz in 1689 and died in Delhi in 1749. He/She was doctor of Aureng Zed, Mohamed-Shad and Shad Nadir, which filled him honours and riches. A year before his death he/she opened his library to the public; among the many works he/she wrote, a kind of medical encyclopedia w...

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(s. XI)

A Dutch family name, which dates back to the 11th century, which is often cited in the annals of Holland. Prominent members of it are: Cristian Carlos Enrique Van Der Aaand Petrus Van Der Aa....

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Hans Von Aachen


German painter born in Cologne from May 5, 1552 and died at Prague April 4, 1615. He/She received his first training in his native country, but he/she spent long periods of his life in Venice, Rome and Florence, cities that came into contact with the Mannerist current that were being developed in th...

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Bertus Aafjes


Dutch poet, born in Amsterdam in 1914 and died in Venlo, Netherlands on April 23, 1993. Lyrical author of relatively late vocation, not became known as a poet until after having met the twenty-five years of age, with the collection of poems entitled Het gevecht met de Muze (fight with the Muse, 1940...

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Cristian Aagard


Danish Latin poet, born in 1616 and died in 1708. He/She studied in Copenhagen, then was Professor of poetry at the University of that city, and rector of the College of Bipen. There are some poems Latina herself, distinguished by the purity and elegance of style. Cited with specialty the Threni hyp...

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Jeppe Aakjaer


Poet, Narrator and journalist Danish Flye (on the peninsula of Jutland)-born on September 10, 1866 and died in Jenle, April 22, 1930. In his narrative work both lyrical production reflected the Customs and ways of life of the rural population, which defended hard exploitation up to become one of the...

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Alvar Aalto


Architect, urbanist, theorist, sculptor, designer and Finnish painter born on February 3, 1898 in Kuortane and died on May 11, 1976, in Helsinki. Son of the surveying Johan Henrik Aalto, his full name was Hugo Alvar Henrik.The importance of Aalto for modern architecture lies in having synthesized th...

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Kjetil-Andre Aamodt


Norwegian alpine skier, born in Oslo on September 2, 1971, Olympic and world champion, has been one of the skiers more highlights and winners during the 1990s, with a total of fifteen medals at Olympics and World Championships.Together with his friend and teammate Lasse Kjus, who already agreed chil...

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Hans Aanrud


Narrator and Norwegian playwright, born in Vestre Gausdal in 1863 and died in Oslo in 1953. Born in the bosom of a rural family, soon gave signs of an unusual interest towards the study of the living conditions of the Nordic peasantry, interest that reflected in its extensive novels and his short st...

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King of Egipto Aaqen

(ca. 1744 a.C.)

(Aaqn) The first half of the 13th dynasty Egyptian King, documented only in the priestly genealogical table of Memphis, pick up a trail of Berlin. The name Aaqen could have been one alteration of other connected with the God Seth (identify with the King Seth I?) either the transformation of the name...

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Dirk Aare


Bishop and Lord of Utrecht, died in 1212, ignoring the date of his birth. As a temporal Prince was pointed out by the bloody strife that it maintained with the counts of Holland, especially with Guillermo, who tried uselessly to remove their States....

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(1574 -1452 a.C.)

(Aaron or Aharon) First high priest of the old law and brother of Moses. Son of Amram and Yokebed, of the tribe of Levi, is espoused with Elisheba, which had four sons (Aaronidas). Endowed with exceptional powers taumaturgicos, it was present and accompanied his brother on the occasion of the plague...

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Aaron Abiob

(s. XVI)

Rabbi of Thessaloniki, who lived at the end of the 16th century. A literal commentary on the book of Esther, with the title of Oleum Myrrhoe there is the former ravvinorum commentariis, etc....

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(s. XIV)

Rabbi, native of Nicomedia, who lived in the first half of the 14th century. It was of the sect of the Karaites, and there are several books his Mystical Theology, and a literal commentary on the Pentateuch, with the title of Cether Torah (Crown of the law)....

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(s. XIII)

Karaite Rabbi exercised medicine in Constantinople at the end of the 13th century. He/She enjoyed the reputation of great philosopher and honest man. Commentary on the Pentateuch, with the title of Hammuchbar (the chosen one), unpublished; Comment on the first prophets; Comment on Isaiah and the Psa...

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Aarón Ben Aser

(s. X)

Jewish masoreta, born in Tiberias. He/She was a member of a family dedicated to the study and transmission of vocalization and accentuation of the Hebrew language for several generations. He/She was son and disciple of Moses ben Asher, another of the big men tiberienses, which was also formed Ben Na...

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(s. XVI)

Famous rabbi born in Fez in the middle of the 16th century, who was head of the synagogues of Fez and Morocco. To care personally for the printing of his works, he/she took a trip to Venice in 1609, where he/she died shortly afterwards. Among his most important works, it is worth highlighting the he...

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Rabbi of Thessaloniki, also called Schascon, who lived in late 16th century and early 17th century. Became notable for their writings, among which are cited: Torath Emeth (the law of truth) and Sephat Emeth (the book of truth)....

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Aaron de Alejandría

(610-641 d.C)

Physician and philosopher born in the year 610 in Alexandria, and died in his hometown in 610-641 A.d., during the reign of Emperor Heraclio. He/She wrote a work of medicine divided into thirty treated, under the name of Pandects, which is nothing more than a collection of the writings of the Greek ...

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Pedro Pablo Aaron de Bistricz


Religious of the order of St. Basil and Bishop of Fogaras in Transylvania; in the opinion of Holiness died the year 1760. His works on the Ecumenical Council of Florence are written in language valaca....

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Pisaurensis Aaron de Pesaro

(s. XVI)

Italian Rabbi who lived at the end of the 16th century. With the title of generations of Aaron, he/she left a general index of all the passages of Scripture cited and explained in the Babylonian Talmud....

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