Biography of Bertus Aafjes (1914-1993)

Dutch poet, born in Amsterdam in 1914 and died in Venlo, Netherlands on April 23, 1993. Lyrical author of relatively late vocation, not became known as a poet until after having met the twenty-five years of age, with the collection of poems entitled Het gevecht met de Muze (fight with the Muse, 1940). With this book, it was enough to observe a strong aspiration of rigour and formal perfection which would have become a constant in the lyric production of Aafjes, severity, coupled with the concept of his poetry trend and the presence of recurrent issues as death and the religious sentiment, approaching his work a few models linked to the best tradition of the European Baroque.

Indeed, the following year of having published his opera prima Bertus Aafjes returned to the shelves of the libraries with a volume of verse entitled Het zanduur van de dood (the hour of death, 1941), work which, from the frontispiece of his title, shows clearly that trend of the poet of Amsterdam to the evocation of death from a classical perspective and, in some ways, indebted to the legacy of earlier poets. But the book which earned him his greatest literary recognition was the poetry book entitled Een voetreis naar Rome (1946), a volume that is dominated by intimate religious sentiment that, in 1936, had led to Bertus Aafjes to make a pilgrimage on foot to the Holy City of Catholicism.