Biography of Hans Aanrud (1863-1953)

Narrator and Norwegian playwright, born in Vestre Gausdal in 1863 and died in Oslo in 1953. Born in the bosom of a rural family, soon gave signs of an unusual interest towards the study of the living conditions of the Nordic peasantry, interest that reflected in its extensive novels and his short stories. In the whole of his narrative production, notably the title of his most important work, in Vinternat (a winter's night and other stories, 1896), as well as another piece which enjoyed wide acceptance among the readers of his time, Seminaristen (the seminarian, 1901). Both narratives are characterized by the aforementioned role of Norway Eastern, described peasant life in the work of Hans Aanrud with deep realism that, despite accentuate the pathetic dyes, not disdains the inclusion of measured dose of tenderness and humor.

In the dramatic genre, the Norwegian writer changed stage to reflect the thinking, customs and ways of life of the urban classes of his time (and, very particularly, of that living in the city of Oslo). In this line, it may be his most representative work comedy entitled Storken (Stork, 1895), although it can not forget another work that deserved the applause of his contemporaries: Hanen (El gallo, 1906).