Biography of Aarón (1574 -1452 a.C.)

(Aaron or Aharon) First high priest of the old law and brother of Moses. Son of Amram and Yokebed, of the tribe of Levi, is espoused with Elisheba, which had four sons (Aaronidas). Endowed with exceptional powers taumaturgicos, it was present and accompanied his brother on the occasion of the plagues that God punished Egypt, so this power left at liberty to the people of Israel. He/She later climbed with Moses at Mount Sinai, and had the happiness of seeing God; However, in the absence of his brother and pressure from his people who required a sensitive image of God, agreed to the making of the golden calf, which nearly cost him the life. Subsequently, due to a lack of trust in Yahweh, it was punished along with Moses to not enter the promised land. He/She died at the age of 123 years at Moseroth. Aaron is regarded as the founder of the priesthood among the Jews, function that was linked to their descendants.