Biography of Aarón Ben Aser (s. X)

Jewish masoreta, born in Tiberias. He/She was a member of a family dedicated to the study and transmission of vocalization and accentuation of the Hebrew language for several generations. He/She was son and disciple of Moses ben Asher, another of the big men tiberienses, which was also formed Ben Naftali, head of a school that is slightly different from the Aaron ben Asher in matters of punctuation and accentuation of the Hebrew text of the Bible.

Aaron ben Asher reach its full maturity the system developed by the men of Tiberias to ensure the correct score and recitation of the text of the Bible, as well as preserve the Hebrew text free of any modification or transmission error. He/She and his school is attributed the vocalization of the codices of the reliability of the Bible, as well as the observations noted in the margins (see masora); between them, the so-called «Aleppo Codex» and the manuscript of Petersburgo (B19a). Maimonides helped establish its authority, arguing that the Codex which should serve as a model to all biblical manuscripts was that he/she had vocalized and corrected. Aaron ben Asher wrote also one of the first significant works of the medieval Hebrew Philology, Diqduqe ha - te' ammim, «Details about accents».


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