Biography of Eugenio Abad (1957-VVVV)

Ecuadorian painter born in Cuenca, in 1957. He/She studied at the Faculty of architecture of the State University of his native city (1975-1982), and in the Massana School of Barcelona, Spain (1990-1991). Since 1986 he/she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Ecuador, and has won several awards, such as the Silva Coloma, in the third biennial international painting (basin 1991), second prize in the architects Hall of Ambato (1992) and mention of honour Prize Paris (1992). The work of Abbot serves an introspective, similar to the Svistoonof function. From the beginning his art has been associated with the natural landscape, given the taste that the artist feels for everything "that comes from the Earth". Nature is the means of contact with his inner world. In his paintings is also a neutral space, a "feeling of emptiness", which, as he/she himself explains, is the beginning of everything, where does matter and where the viewer with itself.