Biography of Francesc Abad (1944-VVVV)

Spanish painter, born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1944. He/She studied at the school of Arts and crafts in Terrassa and in the Centre of pedagogical documentation of Paris. He/She started his artistic activity within the painting and sculpture with works ranging from gestural abstraction and geometric shapes. After his trip to New York in 1972, he/she was assigned to the conceptual movement and joined the Group of Treball, who tried to distance themselves from international models to focus on the search for an identity.

His work is located within the "body art" and "land-art". From 1974 is it radicalized politically, approaching the sociological art. At this time he/she began to introduce on-site photographic images and sound. In the 1980s his work was more reflective and philosophical, sought a rapprochement between art and science, while he/she pondered about the man and social degradation in which he/she lives.

Some of his recent works have revolved around the work and personality of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, in particular the installation entitled the line from Port Bou, in the chapel of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu, in Barcelona, which was a tribute to the artist on the occasion of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of his death. He/She has served as Professor of Visual experiences.


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