Biography of Francisco "Chaleco" Abad (1788-1827)

Spanish guerrilla, born in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) from April 24, 1788 and died in Granada on September 21, 1827, popularly known by his nickname of "Vest".

As head of a hundred guerilleros it hindered significantly, for three years (1810-1812), French troops stationed in La Mancha in the Spanish war of independence, and after this was pursued by Fernando VII because of their constitutionalism.

Son of José Abad, after their parents die during the Napoleonic invasion and the attack on 6 June 1808 Valdepeñas, joined the anti-French items that were beginning to form in the La Mancha region: first served under the command of Lieutenant José Cacho in Villanueva de Bogas (Toledo), and then the of José Miguel Villalobos in Valdepeñas. Soon head of one of them, which formed in Canada de los Frailes, harassed since 1810 the armies enemies attacks surprise small detachments and fittings of strategic importance, intercepting convoys of supply. In June 1810 he/she removed a detachment of Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real) and then he/she came to his aid; the same month, with the guerrillas of the priest Francisco Ureña beat different fittings (Manzanares and Valdepeñas - Ciudad Real - and, beyond the port of Despeñaperros, Santa Elena and La Carolina - Jaén-). Already in September, he/she stopped two convoys between Valdepeñas and Manzanares, and then another more northward, Consuegra (Toledo) and the sale of the Manso.

In 1811, in June, he/she attacked a group of cavalry, inflicting some casualties; in October several games, those of Alejandro Fernández, Juan Gómez, and Francisco Laso de la Vega, met with his, in order to take the Fort of Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real), but while they were heading to this population it was learned the approximation of a column of cavalry and infantry, opting to leave the assault and present battle, with a complete victory. Shortly after, another group of more French detachments a francized game, which came from Almagro, Valdepeñas and Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real), tried to surprise Juan Abad overnight, but also they were defeated after a fight in the middle of olive trees and vines.

In 1812, in August, already attached to commander José Martínez de San Martín, he/she beat the French at Ossa de Montiel (Albacete), while in November it took some Dragons of cavalry in the vicinity of Santa Cruz de Mudela, and later some sworn (Spanish, usually officials, supporters of the French). That year was finally integrated into the army, appointed Colonel-General Francisco Javier Castaños (September 27).

After the war, their many successes not avoided you problems in the Decade of the 1920s: by their liberal attitude forced retirement was ordered by King Fernando VII (1817). Fought for the Constitution of 1812en shares as the conspiracy in Madrid in March of 1820 and he/she was arrested at his home along with the other three leaders. Locked in the granary and transferred to Valladolid, he/she was sentenced to death, which was fought to be released by antiabsolutistas University students. When the Liberals managed to assume power in 1820, initiating the Trienio Liberal (until 1823), Juan Abad, brigadier, was appointed captain general of La Mancha, fighting against absolutist groups such as the Locho and Zaldivar.

It also entered the community, secret society of radical Liberals. However, surrendered to Colonel Duke of Berry in Almedina (Ciudad Real) to enter Spain the hundred thousand sons of San Luis in support of Fernando VII, in 1823, and was indicted accused of "commoner"; the following year again obtained freedom, this time hosted the general pardon for May 1 Although the King had special interest in his disappearance (the same situation it was Juan Martín Díaz, the Empecinado in). At age three, in 1827, were arrested for the third time, blaming him his old adversary, the Locho, some murders in the sale of welcome that was possibly not copyright; It was considered guilty by the Regent of the Chancery of Granada and executed by hanging and beheading in this city. Married with María Muñoz, leaving five daughters to death.


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