Biography of Fray Matías Abad (1550-1649)

Religious Spanish Franciscan, town of Cueto, province of Santander (Spain), whose date of birth is unknown. He/She died January 30, 1649 martyred on the shores of Urabá. Fray Matias was the founder of the missions of the Chocó, and is considered the "promartir" of the Franciscan province of Santa Fe of Colombia. Before joining the Franciscan order, he/she worked as a miner in the mines of Santa Ana, jurisdiction of Ladybug. Finding fray Matías in Cartagena as an inhabitant of the convent of Loreto in the year of 1648, he/she befriended Governor Pedro Zapata who significantly influenced his desire to publicize the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of the provinces of Chocó. The 21 July 1648 don Pedro Zapata and fray Matias left Cartagena plaza and passed to the Antioquia. Finally, on August 24 of that same year, is they went in the company of fray Miguel Romero to the provinces of Chocó. Fray Matías Abad settled easily with the Indians making it easier to bring peace. He/She sailed by the Atrato river in the company of several Indians, looking out to the sea along the coasts of Urabá. January 30 became the lands of Urabá to the encounter of two Capuchins who were Mauritian Indians of the area, but before the meeting encountered a number of Indians urabaes, mortal enemies of the chocoes Indians. They were attacked with Spears and Fray Matías Abad and Fray Miguel Romero fell killed by Spears enemy.