Biography of Abul-Cacem-Mohamed Abad I (¿-1042)

First Moorish King of Seville, founder of the dynasty of the Abaditas; He/She died in 1042. His father Ismael-ben - ABad was originally from Syria. It reached as the confidence of the King of Córdoba Al - Cacém - Al - Mamun, and got the job of great cadi Seville with the Government of the province. When this lost the throne of Cordoba for the second time, Abbot became independent the year 413 of the Hegira (A.D. 1023), aided by the sheikhs and viziers who had won with their larguezas. He/She then returned their weapons against Mahammed-Abdallah - Al - Boracely, owner of Carmona and Ecija, took several towns and besieged him in his capital. Requested this relief to the Kings of Cordoba and Seville, but Abbot could disrupt all the coalitions that formed against it with art, and attract almost all the midday in Spain. He/She died suddenly after twenty years of reign.