Biography of Abad II (1012-1069)

Moorish King of Seville, son and successor Abbot I, born in 1012 and died in 1069. He/She was proclaimed King the year 1042, and passed through a Muslim unorthodox, because in twenty-five cities that formed their States, he/she founded no more than a mosque. He/She continued the war against the King of Carmona and the Allied sovereigns of Granada and Malaga. This relentless war served as an excuse to delay helping the King of Cordoba against the Toledo. But at the behest of the King of Badajoz was held in Seville a meeting, attended by several sheiks of the Western Andalusia asking to be included in the Alliance adjusted in July 1051. The King of Seville refused to admit them, alleging that they were nothing more than his vassals, and as the sovereign arbiter of all deliberations, he/she dismissed happier members of its magnificence and liberality that their good faith. However, it was decided to facilitate thousand five hundred horses to the King of Cordoba; While these troops, gathered at the of the Emirs of Andalusia, fought for the same cause, the ambitious Abbot, to avenge recent, the attacked one after the other, he/she stripped them of their States, incorporated on their own fog, Huelva and other Western Andalusia and the Algarve. Later he/she took over Córdoba for treason and lavish gold to the great and shows the people, accustomed to some and others to its dominance. He/She continued the war and ended up stripping the King of Ecija. The pain of losing a daughter of incomparable beauty, led to the grave that Prince, at the same time magnificent and ambitious, shy and superstitious, voluptuous and cruel. He/She was fifty-seven years old, and had reigned twenty and eight.