Biography of Abad III (1039-1095)

Son of Abbot II, born in 1039 and died in 1095. He/She was proclaimed King of Seville in 1069 with the titles of Al - Motamed, Al - Jafer and Al - Mowaiad, a nickname that you have confused with other princes. Courageous and prudent, magnificent and ambitious like his father, was not cruel or bloody, and rarely abused victory. He/She excelled in poetry rivaling the King of Almeria, his friend, and protected as the letters and the arts. After a long war, he/she finished the conquest of the Kingdom of Málaga with the taking of Algeciras, and put an end to the dynasty of the Hamuidas. Meanwhile, the progress of Alfonso, King of Castile, who after taking Toledo extended his conquests across the Plains that irrigates the Tagus, and had seized Maglit, Maqueda and Guadalajara, and wrote a letter worried you intimate you that gratified with their capital. But as the Spanish continued their conquests, Abbot invited the Kings allies proclaim holy war, as verified, giving the command to Yusuf, second King of Morocco. A battle in Extremadura, gave in which he/she defeated Alfonso, and the Moors caught a great booty. The King of Morocco returned to Africa, but some time later came back to Spain, with project dethrone Abbot, as it got, taking him prisoner to Africa, where he/she died after four years of captivity, becoming extinct in the dynasty of the Abaditas.