Biography of Fray Manuel Abad Illana (1716-1780)

Spanish religious, born January 1, 1716 in Valladolid. At the age of thirteen he/she took the habit of regular clerics of the Premonstratensian order candido. He/She studied philosophy in the convent of San Cristóbal of Ibeas and theology in the University of Salamanca, where he/she graduated as a doctor. I knew well the ecclesiastical and civil history and Hebrew geography. He/She was appointed chronicler of his order by what you wrote in two volumes men illustrious in the Religion of St. Norbert (Salamanca, 1755). In 1762 Carlos III named him Bishop of Córdoba of Tucumán. He/She visited his bishopric and was promoted to the MITRE of Arequipa in 1770 by death of Bishop Diego Salguero. Founded in the village of Moquegua a missionary College in 1777 in order to spread the Gospel in the islands of Otageti (Tahiti), where you could reach from the port of Ilo. He/She wrote in defence of ecclesiastical immunity. He/She died on February 1, 1780. In the year 1793, the chronicler Juan Domingo Zamacola and Jauregui published the biography of fray Manuel.