Biography of Mercedes Abad (1961-VVVV)

Spanish Narrator, born in Barcelona in 1961.

He became known as a writer in the mid-1980s, when his collection of stories entitled light sabbatical debauchery (1986) won the VIII Premio de Narrativa erotic "La Sonrisa Vertical".

Within coordinates issues imposed by gender, this opera prima of the Barcelona writer presents the peculiarity of recounting the alleged links between two of the most famous characters in detective literature, Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson, as well as meetings libertine held in Mrs. Johnson House.

Three years after this initial success, Mercedes Abad returned to the shelves of bookstores with a new collection of short stories, conjugal congratulations (1989), which followed, in the 1990s, other titles like just tell me where to do it (1991) - a new foray into the genre of the erotic, now embodied in a series of lively reflections on the most appropriate for the loving meeting places -, and another collection of short stories entitled blowing in the wind (1995). The Catalan writer has also collaborated on another volume of erotic nature, seeing you naked (Madrid: Temas de Hoy, 1992), collective work directed by Lourdes Ortiz and illustrated by Manuel Lago.

In 2000 published its ollanta novel, titled blood, which chronicles the life of Marina Ulibi Cano, a woman of thirty-six years of age who prints a sudden shift in the direction of his life after breaking with easements linking it to his family, his religion and his former lovers in the first person. Four years later he/she published a new volume of short stories, friends and ghosts, composed of twelve brief usually on random; with this book he/she received in 2005 the Vargas Llosa NH prize of stories.

Witty, clever and brash writer - possessor of a style that contemporary critics described as "chisposo, uninhibited, irreverent, senseless and critical"-, Mercedes Abad collaborates in the Catalan Edition of the newspaper El PaĆ­s, where his articles are followed by a legion of faithful readers.