Biography of Guillermo Abadía Morales (1912-2010)

Colombian folklorist, born in the city of Santafé de Bogotá in 1912 and died in Bogotá, Colombia on January 21, 2010. Guillermo Abadía Morales was a prolific researcher of the Colombian folklore. He/She was a Professor of folklore at the Department of music of the National University, Coordinator and Secretary of the National Board of folklore from the center of Musical documentation of the Colombian Institute of culture. By the national radio of Colombia, Abad Gomez issued a series of programs teaching about the variety of Colombian folklore, in its space called "The tree of Colombian folklore". Within his literary production we can mention its general compendium of Colombian folklore (1970), text of study for those interested in issues related to folklore. He/She was also author of additions to the Colombian folkloric vocabulary (1965), Colombian Coplerio (1971), Colombian folk music (1973), folklore and handicrafts, Balance of the current Colombian culture (1975), current state of folkloric research in Colombia (1970), dances of Colombia (1970-1972), current state of our folk music (1976). In the company of Jesús Bermúdez Silva, Morales Abbey teacher also wrote some native, traditional songs from the region of Guapi (Cauca) (1966). He/She wrote then, in partnership with Manuel Benavides Cuéllar, 18 folk structures of the Guabina of Vélez (Santander) in relation to the copla (1977). Abbey Morales was a contributor to various national and foreign publications and became permanent consultant to entities and individuals interested in the knowledge of traditional popular culture.