Biography of Miguel Abaffi (¿-1690)

Prince of Transylvania, who was born at the beginning of the 17TH century and died in Weisemburgo in 1690. He/She was appointed head of the armies of sultan Mohamed IV in 1661, by choice of Baja. During the truce agreed with Austria, he/she reigned peacefully under the protection of the door, and even acquired the towns of Clausenbourg and Zatmar. It remained faithful to the Ottoman power to the site of Vienna in 1683. Having changed the fortune, Abaffi made a treaty with the Emperor in 1687, which should assure the authority previously guaranteed by the Great Lord, in a Treaty of defensive alliance between the Imperial and Transylvanian. His son Miguel, who was born in 1677 and died in Vienna in 1713, succeeded him and was recognized by the emperor as Prince of Transylvania. The Condé Tekeli, aided by the Turks, played him the Principality and seized several squares in 1690. Interior of the Turkish Empire turbulence prevented conde Tekeli retain his dominions in Transylvania, and the Imperials regained all lost in the Principality, which definitively acquired by the peace of 1696. Having achieved the Emperor of Austria attract to his court to the young Prince Miguel Abaffi, forced him to give up their rights of sovereignty and live in Vienna with a pension of fifteen thousand guilders.