Biography of Avelino Abajo de la Fuente (1945-VVVV)

Bullfighter Spanish, born August 24, 1945 in La Carrera (León). It is fogueó by the district squares until, in the 1967 season, it could debut in a chopped celebration. But the lack of opportunities to be found in Spain forced him to try his luck in American soil; and so, on 1 September 1974, in the Mexican plaza de Durango, took the alternative from the hands of the coletudo Aztec Ernesto San Román Sandoval ("the Queretaro"), who gave him tackle that had to lidia and death to rapier a morlaco servant in rangelands of Matancillas. It gave faith of this overseas alternative the also Mexican Francisco Víctor loyal López ("loyal Curro"), which appeared that afternoon as a witness. Avelino down was brave and successful on the day of their choice, especially in the fight of the second Bull of his lot; This earned him to win quite a few contracts in Mexican lands.

Returned to Spain, on June 22, 1975 he/she appeared again before their countrymen leoneses, willing to take a greater validity than the alternative in Aztec land. It was then his godfather the gaditano dexterous unfortunate Francisco Rivera Pérez ("Paquirri"), who, under the watchful eye of the coletudo Alicante José María Dols Abellán ("José Mari Manzanares"), which had as a witness, empowered him to deal and stock to a morlaco marked with iron, signal and don Samuel Flores badge. Also Avelino down triumphed on the afternoon of this second alternative, in which came out on the shoulders of the square of León after having cut an ear from each of his two enemies.

Encouraged by these successes, on July 25 of that same season again the paseíllo through Leon sands, to star in this time the feat of despatching solo a closure of four cattle belonging to Benjamin and María Blanco Sánchez. Then cut an only Appendix headset, and, before the imminent risk of being pigeonholed as a bullfighter of exclusively regional scope, opted to speed up procedures that allowed her to confirm her PhD in bullfighting in Madrid. It came to pass this event on July 23, 1978, the date on which down Avelino de la Fuente appeared at Las Ventas sponsored by the biscayan matador Ángel Pascual mosque, who empowered him to undertake the lidia and death to rapier of a bull belonging to the blemish of don Antonio Arribas Sancho. Witnessed this confirmation the Seville sword Francisco Camacho Fernández ("Curro Camacho").

After this ceremony, Avelino down received few offers to fight in squares of some importance, what decided you to leave the active exercise of the profession of taurine in the 1980 campaign.