Biography of José Abalos (s. XVIII)

Spanish colonial administrator, born in La Mancha in date unknown and died in date and place are also unknown, although it is known that he/she lived in the second half of the 18th century. He/She held the position of finance counter in Cuba and Venezuela, in this last region between 1771 and 1774, and then returned to Spain as Mayor of Palencia. Then he/she returned to Caracas to take charge of his administration; He/She arrived there in 1777 and focused on rigorously suppress abuses being committed in the colonial economy. In this regard, it is set especially in the monopoly of the Royal Guipuzcoana company of Caracas, that to declare war against Great Britain in 1779 increased prices of imported goods and refused to buy cocoa and other crops, to then buy them cheaply through intermediaries. Abalos remedied the situation by purchasing the harvest in charge of the Treasury, which managed to avoid the ruin of the peasants. As a result, and partly as a prize to the tenacity of Abalos, the company saw abolished their privileges in 1781.

Other measures taken, this time to boost agriculture, were the acquisition of slaves to work in the field and the authorization of export of fruits, which substantially improved the colonial economy.

In 1783, troubled by health problems, he/she returned to Spain, where he/she died.