Biography of Íñigo Abarca de Bolea (s. XVI)

Poet and mystic Spanish scholar, born in Zaragoza in the 16th century. Belonging to an aristocratic family, he/she received from his youth a careful humanistic training that led him to suddenly leaning towards the cultivation of literary creation, without forgetting why his deep religious convictions. As a man of faith, put his pen at the service of the great contrarreformista stream which agitated the letters around the middle of the 16th century Spanish, to proclaim the virtues of prayer in his writings (thus, v. gr., in his famous treatise for mental prayer, 1552) and the virtues of the mystical life (Union of the soul with Godby understanding and love of his perfection, 1570).

In his capacity as poet, Íñigo Abarca de Bolea also showed the mystical orientation of their religious concerns, as in its compilation of verses published under the title of staff of our pilgrimage, that is how has to unite our will with the divine (1558).