Biography of Luis Abarca de Bolea (¿1617?-ca. 1653)

Poet and Spanish military, born around the year 1617 in Zaragoza and died after 1650. Belonging to an aristocratic family, he/she inherited the titles of count of las Almunias and Marqués de las Torres, and wore the distinctive cross of the order of Santiago in his chest. In his role as military, he/she stood out for his work on various military campaigns in Flanders, activity that didn't grow correctly the poetic genre, literary tastes and the aesthetic canons of his time. Among his compositions in verse, reached widespread and notoriety in the mid-17TH century the epithalamium (or wedding song) dedicated to the marriage of King Felipe IV and Doña Mariana of Austria. However, the work of Luis Abarca de Bolea most outstanding by the contemporary literary criticism is its famous Palestra numerous Austrian, printed in Huesca in 1650.