Biography of Pedro de Abarca (1619-1697)

Theologian and Spanish Jesuit historian born in Jaca (Huesca) in 1619 and died August 23, 1697 in Salamanca. He/She entered the society of Jesus in 1641, at the age of 22. He/She taught theology in the Colegio de San Ambrosio in Valladolid and then in around a quarter of a century, the University of Salamanca. He/She was also master of the Guild of this University and chronicler of Castile. He/She wrote some treatises of theology, such as the Tractatus teologici Scientia Dei ('the science of God theological Treaty'), and also some historical works: the most important Kings of Aragon was in historical records (2 volumes published in Madrid in 1682 and Salamanca in 1684), that in critical spirit but poor literary quality runs the history of Aragon to the Catholic monarchs. Other historiographical writings were historical dispute of the reigns of Pamplona, intended Kings of Sobrarbe (the latter two in order to prove the non-existence of certain monarchs that supposedly would have reigned in the origins of these States), a book about the Huesca monastery of San Juan de la Peña, or a discourse of rights and of the style of no more than historical facts.


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