Biography of Ramón Abascal Heredero (1937-VVVV)

Bullfighter Venezuelan, born in Madrid (Spain) in 1937. When Ramon was nine years old, his family moved to the Republic of Venezuela, a country in which, besides acquire a new nationality, the young Ramon was left to win by fans the bulls bullfighting of two ancient natural of those payments right-handers schools attending: Rafael Cavalieri Rosales and Eleazar Sananes Echevarría.

Considering this last master Ramón Abascal was already plenty value and trade to undertake the fight of a steer, encouraged him to dress for the first time of lights in the small square of La Victoria, where he/she shared the poster with the ill-fated coletudo Tenerife José Mata Garcíaand Fabián Cardeco Linares. Determined with this debut, in October 1956 solvency became the paseíllo in the sands of the new circus (Caracas), announced in a bullfight of promises that allowed him to be known among the finest hobby of his adopted country. Then began for him a happy season which allowed him to hope to introduce in Spain the following year.

Indeed, in the course of the 1957 season, he/she crossed the Atlantic to make the paseíllo in two places on the Iberian Peninsula, both of little relevance on the planet of the bulls. Again, then, to Venezuela, without having left any popularity as truant; Hence, it would not promote themselves as soon and so successfully as he/she would have liked, which was well patent on the date on which, finally, might arise before the severe fans in the plaza Monumental de Las Ventas (Madrid): day 9 of July 1966, i.e., nine years after his first attempt to succeed in Spain. To this is added the explicit detail that this presentation took place in the course of a night bullfight, easily shall be deducted that the Spanish journey of Ramón Abascal Heredero did not leave a track record worthy of entering the annals of Cúchares art. Cattle that are dealt the night of his presentation in Madrid belonged to three different irons (Ollero, Silva and Delgado), and the company on the poster was as varied as a dessert, unfortunate in the difficult world of bullfighting: Rafael Cruz Conde ("Machaquito"), Manuel ("Manolo Peñaflor"), Ángel Grau Rueda, José Manuel Casino ("Manolo Vico") and Mario Retuerta ("Mario Durán").

Back, then, to the less demanding Latin American arenas, Ramón Abascal could take the alternative date on June 15, 1971, in which Antonio Oliver López ("Antonio de el Olivar"), made the paseíllo in the arena of Morelia (Mexico), sponsored by the Aztec sword which, under the watchful eye of the also Mexican Manuel Espinosa Menéndez ("Armillita'), which appeared as a witnessHe gave you tackle that had to lidia and death to rapier a morlaco servant in rangelands of Peñuelas. From then on, the contracts signed by Ramón Abascal were so scarce that we can say that this Mexican PhD supposed, in a single act, the home and the snap of his career as a bullfighter.