Biography of Juan Abascal (1784-?)

Spanish politician born in the year 1784, whereby data on place of birth and place and date of death are unknown.

Start your career in 1806, being appointed controller of post of Burgo de Osma. The following year it becomes official in the administration of Córdoba.

During the war of independence the Government commissioned him to monitor the movements of the enemy, or at least I pretend to it. In 1814 they attack the servile and he/she has to abandon Córdoba, but shortly after it returns to the city. He/She was appointed manager of post office in Granada, with 18,000 real salary, three times what was paid in 1807.El 6 February 1818 enters in the dungeons of the Inquisition, where it remains until it is released by the revolution of 1820, in total 25 months. However, in the Inquisition Granada Mayor Jaime Rostán, protected it perhaps as a not too clear allusion of Carlos Berramendi because it is espontaneó, i.e. that it agreed to give away. In 1819 he/she was appointed Commissioner honorary computer of army, distinction for the triennium. In 1820, he/she served in the national militia cavalry, and in June 1821 he/she was appointed principal administrator of Valencia post, with 20,000 actual salary.

March 25, 1823 he/she was appointed political Chief of Valencia, but it was already acting as such a few days before, as on the night of 23-24 March 1823 ordered the RAID on the House of Francisco Javier Cornel and Ferraz. Before the French invasion, capitulated in Cartagena, going by Marseille to Alençon, where he/she resided until 1829. Protected by Lafayette, he/she moved to air, in Les Landes, and from there to Pau, where caught you the revolution of 1830.

He returned to Spain in 1834, arriving in Madrid on 28 August. In January 1835 he/she was appointed Manager main post of Barcelona, with 22,000 real, since that had already been spent in 1823, with 30,000 reals, but not it could then occupy it.Vice President in 1835 of the two boards of Barcelona, the Advisory and the Government, was one of two Commissioners by the Board (the other was Manuel Planas) in October 1835 to rein in the Andalusian revolution and diverting the army of the count of the Navas to Aragon and Catalonia, i.e. to combat carlism.Later appointed administrator of the General mail in Madrid, he/she was exonerated on December 31, 1837, and then wrote the manifesto (Madrid, 1838), which has helped us to reconstruct his biography.


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