Biography of Fray Manuel Abbad y Lasierra (1729-1806)

Spanish religious, born in Estadilla (Huesca) in 1729 and brother of fray Iñigo. He/She studied at Calatayud and Huesca, taking his degree in Canon law. He/She entered the Benedictine order at the monastery of San Juan de la Peña. By Real on June 1, 1771 cell authorized you to examine the archives and libraries of the Benedectine cloister and later of all prior of Santa María de Meyá (1773) Espana.fue, first bishop of Ibiza (1783), Bishop of Astorga (1797), Grand Inquisitor (1793-1794) and member of the Royal Academy of history. He/She died on January 12, 1806 in Zaragoza.