Biography of Abbas-Ben-Abdelmottalib (566-652)

Uncle and disciple of Muhammad, born in Mecca by the years of 566 and died in 652. It is celebrated in Muslim history by his private virtues, for the support that provided his nephew Mohammed, and glory find his descendants the illustrious dynasty of the Abbasids. At the age of fourteen years, he/she lost his father and succeeded him in the important post of sicaya, which consisted in distributing the pilgrims the sacred water taken wasn't well. When Muhammad started his preaching, Abbas, although he/she secretly professed the reformist ideas of his nephew, was the need to demonstrate opposite to them by appeasing the country they lived and had his entire fortune. But when their compatriots broke a peace treaty which had agreed with the Prophet after a war, believed Abbas which was already favorable occasion to express their true feelings, and so did, joining Muhammad, who was always the most firm support.