Biography of King of Persia Abbas II (1629-1666)

Sovereign of Persia, born in 1629 and died in 1666. He/She succeeded his father Sefy I, at the age of 13 in 1642. His reign, which lasted 24 years, was peaceful. That monarch loved arts and pleasures, painted quite well and was also an excellent Turner, and calligrapher, but surrendered to drunkenness, and in their orgies committing bloody atrocities. A day did cut the tongue to which took care of his pipe by a lack of respect, other, did put in the fireplace to the most beautiful of your favorite because it offered some resistance. Again, leaving an orgy he/she went to the harem where he/she fell asleep; When he/she woke up and found only, he/she did bring all their women and control the burn. Thirty died and eight years old as a result of a syphilitic tumor by a woman who had warned him unnecessarily in that State was.