Biography of King of Persia Abbas III (1732-1736)

King of Persia born in 1732 and died in March 1736. He/She was the son of the also King Tahmasp II; It was proclaimed monarch by the Nadir Kuli Turkmen general when just he/she had a few months of age, after the forced abdication of his father having lost several Northwest Territories before the Turks. Given the low age of Abbas III, who was also ill-health, own Nadir was proclaimed Regent after sending the child to the region of Jurasan, dedicating it to recover the lands conquered by the Turks. Finally, in 1736 Abbas III was imprisoned with his father Tahmasp II and other family members by order of the Regent. Died there soon after, no one knows if for illness or assassination. His disappearance was also, in practice, the dynasty safawi, replaced on the throne of Persia by the afsharies, with origin at Nadir, King then proclaimed himself. Although after this in 1747 some relatives of Abbas III, Sulayman II and Ismail II, regained power over a part of Persia, in competition with the successors of Nadir, they were finally displaced in 1773 by Karim Khan, head of the Zand.


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