Biography of Carlos Abbatucci (1771-1796)

French General, born in 1771 and died in 1796. At the age of sixteen he/she left school military Metz as a Lieutenant of artillery. It began with the rank of Captain 1792 campaign, getting to the end of it the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and in 1794 he/she was appointed assistant general PichegrĂș. His brilliant conduct in the first step of the Rhine employment of Brigadier General, earned him and, finally, 20 October 1796 protected the withdrawal of the French near Neubourg and rejected to the Prince de CondĂ©, by what was promoted to general of division. Soon after, on 2 December, he/she was killed in front of Huninga, defending the square against the Austrians. General Moreau did raise a monument to his memory in that same place.