Biography of Valerio Abbondio (1891-1958)

Swiss writer, born at Ascona in 1891, and died in Minusio in 1958. Studied in Freiburg and Milan; He/She subsequently returned to Switzerland and was a professor at the Institute in the Ticino. He/She collaborated in Lugano magazine with articles in which, in accordance with the spirit of the magazine, it was intended to a revaluation of Christian culture. Its lyrical beginnings resulted in two works: Betulle (birch, 1922) and L' eternal veglia (the eternal guard, 1928). It gradually evolved into a much more pointed intimism in works as Campanule (bells, 1932), until you reach a poem full of faith, of vital renewal, in works such as L 'intimate sky (the intimate sky, 1940), Silenzi (silences, 1943), Cerchi d' argento (circles of silver, 1944) and Cuore notturno (night heart, 1947).