Biography of George Abbott (1887-1995)

Producer and theatre director, director and us screenwriter, born in Forestville (New York) on June 25, 1887 and died in the same city, on January 31, 1995.


He studied at the universities of Rochester and Harvard, showing a special interest in literature and theatre, field this will be devoted to that from an early age as an actor and author. As professional actor began at the Fulton Theatre in New York, in 1913. Broadway welcomed him for decades, demonstrating a great literary creativity which always tucked with a very personal style when it comes to direct all types of productions on stage.His works include, Thee men on a horse, The boys from Syracuse, On your toes, Flora the red menace, which largely were taken to the cinema. In Hollywood, he/she worked first as a screenwriter for Paramount, but his film career was not too long, highlighting several collaborations with Stanley Donen at the end of the fifties, bringing to the screen two of his works play pajamas and Damm Yankees, which was also co-producer. It had a long life, which reached 107 years.


As a screenwriter and argumentista:1926: love them and leave them. 1927: Summits in danger. 1928: The prison of redemption. 1929: Broadway; Flirtatious; The night passes; The girl from Saturday night. 1930: All quiet on the front; The fall guy. 1932: Those we love. 1933: Lilly Turner. 1934: Straight is the way; Heat lightning.1936: Three men on a horse. 1939: On your toes. 1940: boys of Syracuse. 1941: Highway west. 1942: Broadway.1947: With the band. 1952: Ehrere completo Charley. 1969: Trois hommes sur a cheval.

As director:

Cortometraje:1929: Carnival man; The bishop's candlesticks.

Largometraje:1929: white which was black (and screenwriter); Between Earth and sky (and screenwriter). 1930: the God of the Sea (and screenwriter); The incorrigible (and screenwriter). 1931: the confidant (and adaptation); Stolen Heaven (and screenwriter); Redeemed (and adaptation); The fraud. 1940: Too many girls (and co-producer)...1957: The game Pajamas (codir., coprod. and screenwriter) 1958: Damm Yankees (codir., coprod., coarg. and co-writer).

As productor:1938: the hotel of the trouble; Boy meets girl. 1940: Primrose path. 1943: Best for delante. 1944: Step lively.