Biography of King of la taifa de Huelva Abd al-Aziz al-Bakri (ca. 980-ca. 1055)

Only Goldcrest of the taifa of Huelva, born about 980 and died after the 1052.

Belonging to a prominent family in Huelva, it was power in Huelva at the start of the civil wars that led to the breakdown of the Caliphate of Cordoba and was proclaimed sovereign of the city in 1013, adopting the title of Izz al - Dawla. During his forty years of reign extended his power and fame, even in 1052 al - Mu' mu'tadid of Seville conquered Huelva, allowing al - Bakri remain in the important notes on the taifa, the island of Saltés, which the following year was also conquered by the Sevillian Regulus. Al - Bakri went to Seville and then to Córdoba. After his dethronement disappears from the Chronicles and its place and date of death are unknown. Abd al - Aziz Al - Bakri was the father of Abú Ubayd al - Bakri, famous geographer based in Almeria.


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