Biography of King of la taifa de Valencia Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar (ca. 1045-ca. 1066)

King of the taifa of Valencia, born about 1045 and died in the castle of Uclés (Cuenca) to 1066. During his short reign put the Government in the hands of their secretaries, particularly Ibn Raubas.

He belonged to the amiri dynasty, which had begun to govern Valencia in the previous generation, he/she was the son of Abul Hassan Abdel Aziz, grandson of the Caliph Abd al - Rahman Sanchuelo and great-grandson of Almanzor. He/She was appointed by his father heir to their States to the year 1057. As it is clear from the coins of his father must have been the third child, since they had previously appeared on coins as heirs their brothers al - Mutasin and al - Nasir. Al - Muzaffar was proclaimed the day of the death of his father in January 1061 by the free amiries slaves of Játiva and Valencia. Although he/she was still a child, he/she took the honorific title of Nizam al - Dawla. The power was taken by the Secretary of his father, Ibn Abd al - Aziz, who was known as Ibn Raubas, and whose talents were praised by Ibn al - Jatib.

At the beginning of his reign al - Muzaffar suffered attacks against their castles in the area of Murcia by Muhammad al-Mutasim of Almería, which suggests that its territory was low in an area that already retained only nominal sovereignty.

In 1065 al - Muzaffar lost the Government of Valencia, who had been attacked that same year by Fernando I of Castile. It was the first time the Castilians directed their weapons against the Valencian vega and found a few unruly advocates who resisted only thanks to the strength of the walls of the city. When the invading army seemed to abandon the site al - Muzaffar left the city with his army to pursue the Castilians, but these, which only had hidden, presented battle in Paterna and beat badly prepared army the emir of Valencia. The defeat al - Muzaffar received support from his father-in-law, Abul Hassan Yahya Ibn Ismail of Toledo, known as al - Ma 'mum, who had married his daughter with the Valencian Régulo, but in November of that same year al - Ma' al - Muzaffar, becoming fluent in the taifa of Valencia and as Governor of the city who already ruled it dethroned mum, Secretary Ibn Raubas. Al - Muzzafar died shortly after, confined by his father-in-law in the castle of Ucles along with his son and successor. This one, whose name may not have picked up Chronicles, was taken to Saragossa, where he/she also died.

The chronicler Ibn Hayyan described Abd al - Malik Al - Muzaffar as a monarch handed over the wine and the pleasures of the Court, cowardly and lazy and relaxed religious customs; He/She added that all these defects it retained until his early death.


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