Biography of Gobernador de Murcia Abd al-Rahmán ibn Rasiq (s. XI)

The Governor of Murcia who lived in the 11th century.

Little-known character, the first news that makes it is the year 1078, where he/she appears as caïd of Velez Rubio and collaborated with Ibn ACWW, vizier of the Sevillian Regulus Abul Qasim Muhammad al - Mu'tamid, in the conquest of Murcia. Ibn Tahir Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn Tahir, the former Lord of Murcia apprehended and proclaimed sovereign of the city al - Mu'tamid. Ibn Ammar was immediately moved to the city and attempted to master it without invoking the name of his Lord; It kept square during some months of 1080, but Ibn Rasiq slammed the gates of the city on one occasion in which Ibn Ammar had gone to inspect neighbouring castles.

From 1080 until the Almoravid conquest of Murcia, Ibn Rasiq complied with intermittently the sovereignty of al - Mu'tamid. During these years, Alfonso VI of Castile installed an advanced in Aledo for the conquest of Murcia and Lorca. This fact caused the second coming to the Iberian peninsula from the Almoravids, in June of 1088. During the Almoravid siege of Aledo got revealed betrayals of certain andalusíes gentlemen, being them Ibn Rasiq, who, accused of treason by al - Mu'tamid, was handed over to the Sevillian Regulus by the Almoravid emir Yusuf ibn Tashufin. The besiegers of Aledo retreated to Morocco and Murcia went back to the sovereignty of al - Mu'tamid.


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