Biography of Abd al-Wahid I (ca. 1165-1224)

Almohad Caliph born about 1165 and died in 1224. His full name was Abd al - Wahid ibn Yusuf ibn Abd al - Mu ' min al - Majlu, belonging to the family of the Hafsid.

Son of Yusuf I, who had governed between 1162 and 1184, and Maryam, a Princess of the Banu Hammad, did not occupy Abd al - Wahid charge in his father's life, but he/she was appointed Governor of Malaga in 1202 by the Almohad Caliph Muhammad al-Nasir. During the campaign of al - Nasir in Ifriqiya (Tunisia), Abd al - Wahid defeated Yahya Arab Army in the battle of Ras Tagra (October 17, 1205). In 1206 he/she was transferred to the command of the Kabyle Haskura and subsequently handed the Government of Ifriqiya, where it was thought to create a kind of Viceroyalty; It was given complete autonomy in command, was awarded many soldiers considered necessary to ensure the results of the Almohad campaign, and was allowed to freely dispose of the estate. He/She took office in may 1207. In October of the same year he/she returned to defeat on the banks of the Sabru River, in the region of Tebesa Yahya. After this second victory Abd al - Wahid asked the Caliph who accepted his resignation, but instead of al - Nasir received a reward of 200,000 dinars and the promise that later would handle your situation.

Although it is unknown while Abd al - Wahid remained in the Government of Ifriqiya, in 1221, at the time of Yusuf II, was appointed to succeed the Governor of Seville Abu-l-Ula Idris, and remained in office until shortly before death childless of Yusuf II in 1222. After this death was proposed to succeed to the Caliph by the vizier Utman ibn Yamí, which was accepted by the Almohad sheikhs, while the descendants of al-Mansur (died to 1198) considered that the son of Yusuf I titles were already expired. However Abd al - Wahid was proclaimed Caliph the 7 January 1224, after an interregnum of more than one year. His reign lasted only eight months, in which withstand the pressure of the Almohad sheikhs, who during the previous reigns had arranged the power at will. He/She appointed Abu-l-Rabi Governor of Seville.

A few months after having been proclaimed rebelled against him in Murcia his nephew Abú Muhammad Abdallah al-Adil, who then got the accession of Seville and all Al - Andalus except lift. These events put against Abd al - Wahid to the Almohad sheiks of Morocco and the Caliph was forced to abdicate and then killed by a faction of those who had handed power. He/She was succeeded by his nephew Abd Abadallah al - Adil.

Abd al - Wahid I had three sons and several daughters. The chronicler to the Marrakusi, who knew him personally, praised his character and described him as a man of beautiful face, medium height and provided members; Ibn Khallikan explains his murder by his inability to conform to the ambitions and the pride of the great Almohad sheikhs.


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