Biography of Gobernador de Toledo Abd Allah ibn Matiyo (ss. X-XI)

Governor of the taifa of Toledo, born and died in date unknown. It belonged to a prominent family in Toledo and towards 1016 began to govern the city as a successor of its relative Abd al-Rahmán ibn Matiyo. To 1018, the Toledo, tired of the abuse during periods of Government of the Banu Matiyo (previously 1010 was Governor a that Abd al - Malik ibn Matiyo, who was deposed in a popular revolt), handed over the power of the city to the Lord of Santaver, Abd to Al - Rahmán ibn Di-l-Nun. This sent his son Abú Muhammad Ismail, that govern Toledo. Abd Allah ibn Matiyo was deposed in 1018, year in which Ismail took possession of power. Never again was mentioned by the Chronicles.


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