Biography of Abu Mohamed Abd El Mumen (1101-1163)

First Caliph and second magnet of the sect and the Almohads dynasty, born in 1101 and died in 1163. He/She was the son of a Potter and was disciple and companion of the famous Mahdy-ben-Tumart, who happened at 1130 after helping him to found their empire, diputando to the Almoravids. When it was the owner, he/she thought of coming to Spain to finish the conquest of the Peninsula, but died suddenly at the age of sixty-three. In the midst of the care of war letters it protected and favoured the development of the public instruction, founding schools, among others, those of the hafitas, in which three thousand children without distinction of rank were educated free of charge or fortune. In order to honor the establishment, Abdelmumen wanted their children to enter into it.