Biography of Abd-er-Rahman-Ben-Abdallah-Algafari (¿-732)

Seventh emir or Arab Governor of Spain in the reign of the Caliph Yezid, died in 732. He/She used early in his administration to visit the provinces undoing to some cadis. It increased the army with recruitment and volunteers who brought Egypt and Africa, in order to invade in France. It punished first Othman-ben-Abu-Neza who governed the provinces to France and was in intelligence with Eudes, Duke of Aquitaine, and penetrated in the country at the head of an army in 732. He/She joined the Garonne and ravaged the country until Bordeaux, seized the city, and on the banks of the Dordogne defeated Eudes. Then, continued their March, took Poitiers, and reached the doors of Tours. But then he/she met Carlos Martel, who at the head of a crowd of warriors francs and German presented him battle on the banks of the Loire, fully defeating him and giving him death on 7 October of the year 732.