Biography of King of Jordania Abdalá II (1962-VVVV)

King of Jordan, born in Amman on January 30, 1962. It is the first son of King Hussein, fruit of his second marriage with Antoinette Gardiner crisp, so it has passed much of his time studying in English and American schools.

After graduating at the British Military Academy of Sandhurst, just like his father, he/she continued his education with studies of international politics at the University of Oxford (England). In 1986 he/she took a degree in international relations from Georgetown University (United States). On his return to Jordan was devoted to his military career, which has come to be Jordanian, head of the special forces with rank of general.

On January 25, 1999, after the return of the King Hussein in United States, where he/she was treated for six months of a lymphatic cancer, was named by his father Prince heir, instead of his uncle, Prince Hasan, who had held this title since 1965. At that time King Husein decided to change the Constitution to appoint heir to his brother, due to the delicate situation that lived abroad, threatening the life of the King, and the age of your child, until then and since its inception, Crown Prince.

On January 26, 1999, Abdullah was sworn in as Crown Prince before his father and received the attributes of his uncle, Prince Hasan. That same day it was as Regent of Jordan, after King Husein returned to the United States due to a worsening of his State of health. As such, the King put all powers in the hands of the Prince, except the amend the Constitution and conclude treaties. Finally, on 7 February 1999, following the death of Hussein, Abdallah was proclaimed King of Jordan.

Prince Abdullah got married on June 10, 1993 with the Princess Rania Yassine, born in Kuwait of Palestinian origin resident in Jordan since 1990, with whom he/she has two children.