Biography of Abdallah (¿-1818)

Fourth and last cherif of Wahhabis, executed in Constantinople in 1818. He/She succeeded his father Sehud in 1814, in the most difficult circumstances. Mehemet Ali, unsubscribe from Egypt, had commissioned exterminate Wahhabis and seize all of their beds. After defeat you an army, became owner of a large part of Arabia. Abdallah concentrated all his forces in Dereveh, where seven months was defended against Ibrahim, son of Mehemet Ali, which for treason came to seize him and sent him to Cairo. Mehemet received amicably and commanded him to lead to Constantinople, where he/she was paraded to shame, by the walls and then beheaded by order of Mahmud. Dereyeh was devastated, and the sect of Wahhabis disappeared for some time of Arabia.