Biography of King of la taifa de Mallorca. Abdallah al-Murtada (ca. 1020-1093)

King of the taifa of Mallorca born about 1020 and died in Mallorca in 1093. It was the first sovereign independent of Baleares following the disappearance of the taifa of Denia, which had belonged to the Islands since the reign of Mujaahid.

Son of al - Aglab, a liberto which Denia Mujaahid had appointed Governor to military of Mallorca in 1036 (appointed in addition another Governor to you struggle of economic and administrative affairs), Abdallah was required by successor of Mujaahid, Ali, so it replaced to al - Aglab when it marched in pilgrimage to the Holy places of Islam to 1045. Ali appointed to deal with administrative affairs of the island to Sulayman ibn Muskiyan, relative of Abdallah, who died at about 1050; Since Abdallah dealt alone of the Government of the island. It coined currency with its name at least since 1047 and they included the name of Muhammad, probably one of his sons.

In 1076 Abdallah gave refuge in Mallorca to part of the family of his hitherto sovereign, after falling the taifa of Denia under the domain of Zaragoza. Then declared independent and adopted the title of al - Murtada, which appears on coins from the Mint of Mallorca until the year of his death, 1093.

It was succeeded by his liberto Mubassir ibn Sulayman, who had been his Prime Minister.


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