Biography of Abdallah-Ben-Zahir (620-692)

Ruler of Mecca, born in Medina in the first year of the Hegira, and died in Mecca in the year 692 a.d. He/She was a companion of Muhammad, and one of the most eminent figures of the early days of Islam. He/She accompanied his father in the first expeditions of the Arabs against the Greeks, took part in the conquest of Egypt in the Africa and acquired a good military reputation. Sucked his entire life to the Muslim empire, disputing it first to Ali and then Moawiah, head of the dynasty of the Ommiadas, and their descendants. It came to Arabia, where long reigned until Abd-el-Melik, descendant of Moawiah, knowing the importance it attached to its rival the possession of the Holy cities, did lay siege to Mecca, where he/she resisted for some months. He/She died from the blow of a tile that fell over and broke the skull, in the year 692, the seventy-two old.